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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 13, 2021

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Getting ready for Spring: Who to watch

Getting ready for Spring: 4 Bloggers to watch

| On 18, Sep 2015

As winter transitions into spring, we have to tuck away our track pants, oversized jumpers and monotone colour schemes and embrace more lively looks – here are some of our favourite spring fashion bloggers!

When approaching new seasons the struggle to let go of your favourite garments in search of a new style is difficult for some, but with guidance from the professionals, this year’s spring season will be a breeze. Fashion bloggers have blossomed throughout the world, becoming renowned for their unique artistic expression through the styling of garments and occasionally the growth of individual clothing lines. The following bloggers are ones to watch in terms of Spring fashion, ranging from the seasonal sophistication of Spring style, the elegance of evenings, the beach beauties and contemporary casual clothing.


One of the most reknowned and influential fashion bloggers right now is Chiara Ferragni. Her blog, The Blonde Salad, is jam-packed full of styling tips, travel destinations and her own fashion journeys. Her sophisticated beauty and energetic style expressed in her blog is mere evidence of her fast transition into fashion hierarchy. She was named one of the most influential personalities of the international fashion world by Business of Fashion and just days ago was presented with her fourth Bloglovin’ Award – and won Blogger of the Year. Her styling encompasses all seasonal approaches to dressing especially when considering the colours and textures of the upcoming spring season.


Spring bloggers


Another influential individual to look out for to really capture the new spring vibe is local beauty queen Nicole Warne. Warne is an Australian fashion blogger whose website- Gary Pepper Girl, explores her unique sense of style and a somewhat refreshing tranquility that she successfully portrays through clothing. Her refined beauty and the graceful aesthetic of her photographs express a simplistic sense of style that is forever escaping modern photography. Nicole is definitely someone to look for in search of advice for those cooler spring days and formal gatherings.


Spring Bloggers


Now for those warmer spring days we have to search beach fashion and the fashion blogger that explores this to its true extent is international fashionista Angelica Blink. Her rustic and casual styling in the warmer climates is defiantly something to channel in spring. The beach backdrops on her website sets the scene for bikinis, sunnies and oversized hats where a culture is established for people to relax and revive. Her globetrotter status places her as one to watch as she explores her style in varying cultures and expresses her approach to fashion in a contemporary and hip way.


Spring Bloggers


A more casual styling approach to dressing this spring is showcased by Julie Sarinana whose blog Sincerelyjules expresses how harmoniously shorts, jackets, sunnies and boots juxtapose to form a knockout style for the more casual spring days. Her tan complexion and iconic tinted aviators combine to explore a climate that is warming and straying towards a more summery lifestyle whilst  still exploring glimpses of spring through styling choices.


Spring Bloggers


Image credits: Chiara Ferragni Instagram, Gary Pepper Girl Instagram, Angelica Blink Instagram, Sincerelyjules Instagram