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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 24, 2021

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From the ghettos of Woollongong to the Stage

From the ghettos of Woollongong to the Stage

| On 09, Nov 2016

In the last twelve months, praying mantis lookalike Frenchy has sold out all major Australian Comedy Festivals, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, AND he debuted in iTunes’ Top 30 with his first single, “Friendzone”! We sat down and chatted to the YouTube comedian ahead of his Brisbane show.

With over 200 million views and 1.5 million fans on social media, it’s fair to say Internet sensation Frenchy is on fire, and his audiences just keep begging for more! In 2016 Frenchy is back with his brand new solo show and his finest hour yet!

Raised in the ‘ghettos of Wollongong’, Frenchy is best known for his SungaAttack YouTube channel and his Around Girlfriend vs. Around Mates videos. In addition to his weekly comedy videos, Frenchy has been a finalist in the Quest for the Best and triple j RAW comedy competitions.

TCI: What can audiences expect from your latest show? 

Frenchy: A rogue night of inappropriate, politically incorrect comedy.

TCI: What was the inspiration behind ‘World’s Worst Adult’?

Frenchy: As people who have seen my videos would be able to tell, I have a very immature, childlike brain which is starting to be a problem as I’m getting older. Whether it be my collection of dildos, or still finding the number 69 funny, I am a terrible adult & thought It’d be fun to share some of my embarrassing antics live on stage.

TCI: You have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival a few times now. What was that experience like for you?

Frenchy: Performing in Edinburgh was insane. I’m just some lanky bogan from Wollongong so to be able to do my rogue comedy in a different country was something I never expected. I had to do 27 shows in a row, which I was not too fond of as I’m not a good worker at the best of times, but a combination of whisky & ‘street ritalin’ got me through it.

TCI: Over 200 million people have watched your YouTube videos. What made you decide to start your own channel?

Frenchy: I started my channel half because I loved making films & half because I was trying to impress girls / lose my virginity. When you have a face like a ‘goldfish on meth’ you have to do whatever you can to try and jag a date so I thought making videos in which I lay on the ground and pretended to be a slug would be my ticket to ‘pussytown’. It wasn’t.


TCI: Are your live shows planned or do you include a bit of improv?

Frenchy: It’s a mix of both. The actual written part of the show is full of rogue stand-up, teaching stories, speed dating tips & Harry Potter Songs but I love to mess with the people in the front row so anything could happen on any given night.

TCI: What were you doing before you started your YouTube channel? 

Frenchy: Believe it or not I was a fully qualified, employed high school teacher LOLOLOLOL. But I’m not actually teaching anymore because my teaching license is suspended – how, you ask? I’ll tell you during my show – #hustling.

TCI: I see that your first single Friendzone debuted in the Itunes Top 30 – was this a huge shock for you? 

Frenchy: Yeah that was a wild week, and goes to show the power of YouTube. I made that with my mate Zach Gervaise, who has actual musical talent, and we just put it on my Youtube channel and Facebook page with an iTunes link which said ‘Buy this song if you can be bothered.” Then I woke up the next morning & it was at #53 on the charts and rising. Not one radio station played it & it still got to number 26 – ridiculous hey.

TCI: Friendzone incorporates humour into the music — do you think this is something that is lacking in the music industry? 

Frenchy: Not lacking, just harder to find. There’s still a lot of quality comedic/music acts around, like The Flight of the Conchords, The Lonely Island, Lil Dicky & Bo Burnham being some of my favourites.

TCI: Who do you look up to in entertainment industry? 

Frenchy: Growing up I used to froth on Arj Barker & Carl Barron – the classics. Nowadays I watch a lot of Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, Liam Neeson & Steven Seagal.

TCI: What can we expect from you in 2017?

Frenchy: More videos, more abs, more songs, a bigger tour, less chlamydia, a bowl-mullet haircut – the usual.

What Frenchy World’s Worst Adult

Where Old Museum Brisbane

When November 12

How Much $29

Find out more about the event here

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