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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 15, 2019

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GIRLS season three premiere

GIRLS season three premiere

| On 13, Jan 2014

Can Girls keep tongues wagging in its third season?

The third season of Girls is set to hit Australian shores on January 13 in a double whammy, dual episode premiere.

The question for many though, is whether Lena Dunham and her troupe of girls can stay relevant, fresh and thought provoking after two high-drama seasons.

Girls faced issues early on in production with the news that actor Christopher Abbott would not be returning for season three – news that devastated the hopeless romantics among us, who longed for the Charlie-Marnie hipster dream wedding.

However, for those more inclined to let Marnie burn in single hell for being such an uptight, obnoxious hottie, Christopher’s abrupt and permanent departure has opened up an entirely new plotline for the girls as they journey toward self discovery and hopefully some actual jobs.

In fact, the show’s creator Lena Dunham made a point of reminding fans that Christopher’s departure in no way jeopardises the beauty of the show, which hinges on the quirky and imperfect, yet unfailing friendship between four women.



From what we can gather from various trailers and snippets, season three of Girls sees Hannah Horvath sort of getting her life together, while Marnie and Shoshanna face a myriad of life crises.

As for Jessa, well she’s just doing her own thing as usual.

Will Hannah and Adam last? Can Marnie sort her life out? What is Jessa even doing half the time?

Find out for yourself, Monday 13th January, 7:30PM on Showcase.