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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 21, 2022

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Gloria Dulcie Launches New Collection; The Ripening Seed

Gloria Dulcie Launches New Collection; The Ripening Seed
Yasmin Bonnell

Brisbane based, luxury and ethical clothing label, Gloria Dulcie showcased its new collection, ‘The Ripening Seed’ at an exclusive preview in Newstead last Friday night. The collection represents the brands maturing, boasting fine finishes and quality fabrics.

While ‘The Ripening Seed’ is not yet available online, customers will be able to shop the collection in Melbourne at the AFC Curated over the Easter long weekend. TCI spoke to Gloria Dulcie designer, Alex Coleborn who told us more about what we can expect from ‘The Ripening Seed’ and her favourite piece from the collection.

TCI: You’ve recently launched a new collection; can you tell me a bit about it and the inspiration behind it?
Alex: So, The Ripening Seed as a collection, like everything I do, is very heavily inspired by the modern women and the shift towards classic style, fine finishes and elite tailoring. I find in the sustainable fashion market there’s not that much in regard to fine-fit, so I wanted to bring a bit of that elegance in a nostalgic, whimsy sort of way.

One of my inspirations was Grace Kelly; that elegant, classic style – lots of linen. It’s quite resort inspired as well.

Gloria Dulcie, Designer, Fashion design, Aus Fashion, Brisbane fashion

TCI: So, tell me the starting point; how do you actually begin designing a fashion collection?
Alex: For me, I’m constantly designing – I just have files and files of inspiration on my computer so I’m constantly going through that and it’s just in fleeting moments that I’ll get an idea that I like and want to interpret it and then I just constantly see things that marry in with that whole feeling and the collection just kind of grows that way.

TCI: As a designer, what’s your favourite part about the creative process?
Alex: Probably just feeling inspired by something that just keeps constantly popping up in front of you or finding things that compliment that vision – just that feeling when you’re on a nice role.

Gloria Dulcie, Alex Coleborn, Brisbane fashion

TCI: Do you have a favourite piece from the new collection?
Alex: Yeah I do, I’ve just released six pieces from the collection and I’ve got two other pieces that will be released in the next month – so it’s called the ‘Driving South Jumpsuit’ I use it in pretty much all of my branding. It’s just a really modern take on the jumpsuit which we’ve seen is so prevalent in fashion at the moment but there’s a lot more design lines and finer details.

Gloria Dulcie, Driving South jumpsuit, Designer, Australian Fashion

TCI: How does this collection tie in with the Gloria Dulcie brand and how does it differ from your previous one?
Alex: I’ve done two collections, this is my third and last year I started pivoting the brand and taking it in an ethical direction – so I sort of felt like it was a real symbol of the brand maturing. The Ripening Seed is actually a book written by a women named Collete around the early 20th century and it just sort of epitomises that sort of maturing as a brand.

TCI: What kind of women do you imagine wearing this collection?
Alex: I see the Gloria Dulcie women as someone who has taken complete possession of herself, she lives with sincerity and depth – favours the poetic, the surreal and the witty and just sort of revels in the beauty of life. She’s obviously very socially aware and believes in a sustainable future and tries to reflect those values in her everyday life as well as in fashion.

Gloria Dulcie, Australian fashion, Brisbane, The Ripening Seed

 TCI: When will people be able to shop the collection?
Alex: Not yet, I’m re-shooting it, but I have a pop-up in Melbourne as part of the Curated Program – which is part of the Australian Fashion Chamber. They run about eight pop-ups throughout the year with four of them being in Melbourne, a few in Sydney and a couple in Brisbane.

So, I’m going down there on Wednesday to sell instore and after that I’ll be able to go up online. I do really limited runs so I just wanted to keep that collection so I could stock that shop and then depending how it goes, put it up online.

Photography by: Jess Collins