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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 20, 2020

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Review: Golden Features at Eatons Hill Hotel

Review: Golden Features at Eatons Hill Hotel
Imogen Sloss

Let me preface this by saying: when you are used to seeing your live performances in inner-city Brisbane, such as Fortitude Valley, Riverstage or Southbank, having to go all the way out to Eatons Hill is a hell of a trek. Let me also say: Golden Features made it oh so worth it.

On entrance, I am immediately impressed by the quality of the merch. “Is that logo embroidered?” I ask the guy behind the counter, a little incredulous. He nods, I open my wallet, and that is how I end up wearing a dark yellow t-shirt with “GOLDEN FEATURES” emblazoned across the front.

When Golden Features (aka Tom Stell) first crosses the stage, we all go wild. There is something so enchanting about him. With his elaborate golden mask and long, luscious hair, he gives off the impression of someone from another world.

The desk is also one of the most beautiful set-ups I’ve ever seen any producer play behind. With smoke, scarabs, white roses and pillar candles that flickered in time with the music, I feel like I am at a sacred ceremony. Only here, the audience is more lit than the candles are.

When Stell starts playing, the ritual was complete. The music begins and doesn’t stop for the next 90 minutes, and down here in the crowd, neither do we. Highlights of the set include ‘Always’ with its gritty bass and sinister beats, ‘Falling Out’ with its intoxicatingly satisfying peaks and drops, and the crowd favourite, ‘Guillotine’. He weaves his songs into each other: a rich tapestry of vocals and beats, synths and drops. Golden Features has us all in the palm of his hand and by the end of the set, we are all left in a sweaty mess, a melting pot of delirium and delight.

Now, I just have to find my way home.

Brisbane was heaving 🐞🖤

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