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Good Food And Great Prices At La Rotisserie

Good Food And Great Prices At La Rotisserie

| On 08, Nov 2014

If you are a lover of rotisserie and pulled chicken and meat, but don’t like the bland, gravy drowned versions from your local carvery or rotisserie, we have found the answer for you.

La Rotisserie, located at Gasworks in Newstead and Sherwood Rd in Toowong, has great chicken, good service, and a good price.

As a rotisserie at heart they have all your classic options including quarter ($11), half ($13) and whole chickens ($36) served with fries, and raw salads are also available- don’t worry we will get to those! Of course pulled lamb, pork, beef and chicken rolls are also on the menu as these are essential for any rotisserie. The gravy in the chicken, and the tomato sauce and basil in the shredded beef were not sloppy and did not turn the delicious meat into a liquidy blob, as any roll fan would know this is all too common and turns your food into mush. La rotisserie have their meat/sauce ratio down, and the result is delicious food served by great staff.




For chicken lovers your other menu options include schnitzel, wings and (not so sinful) southern fried chicken. With the chicken cooked on the rotisserie first, and then deep fried for only a minute to crispen up the coating of herbs on the skin, you can indulge in a little bit more southern fried goodness.




With a fridge stocked full of Emma & Tom’s still and sparkling juices, smoothie options and a cabinet of brownies, and other delectable desserts, variety is clearly something that La Rotisserie prides itself in.

As we mentioned raw salads are made each day on site, with six delicious options to help balance out all the chicken already on your plate. Although tasty they are reminiscent of the salad options from Botanica Real Food in Red Hill, and unfortunately do slightly pale in comparison to the original. However, the shaved raw broccoli with cashew cream, grated beetroot with orange segments, and Israeli cous cous with sweet potato were the favourites during our visit.




If you are in the mood for chicken, chips, salad or desserts then head to Newstead or Toowong and stuff yourself silly.




La Rotisserie

39 Sherwood Rd, Toowong

76 Skyring Tce, Newstead