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Gordi on the Release of Reservoir

Gordi on the Release of Reservoir

| On 11, Sep 2017

We recently spoke to Gordi about the release of her debut album, Reservoir.

First, if you haven’t had a listen to Reservoir, please go have a listen. It’s a beautiful piece of work that is sure to see major success.

Before releasing Reservoir, Gordi treated her fans to her EP, Clever Disguise, which was met with a lot of positive feedback and love. We got started by talking about how the release affected Gordi’s popularity, ability to release an album, and performing gigs at venues like Black Bear Lodge.

“I still think it’s pretty amazing when fans show up to a show when an artist has only released an EP. I think its a real sign of a pretty good music fan, when they will follow an artist that closely when there’s only like four songs out.”

“It was good, it felt like a good base for me. It was important, because out of that, I got signed, and I had a few more resources at my disposal when it came time to record the album. The EP was more song by song, because I had to save money to go into the studio. It was a lot more groundwork before studio time. But this was like I had, x amount of time and money to make a record, which was really exciting because it felt like a proper whole body of work, as tiresome as that expression is sometimes”

“I feel like on the EP, every song had to represent the entirely of it. Every song you put out had to really walk the line between electronic and folk so carefully. So if anyone heard it, they’d be like ‘okay that’s what this album is about’. Whereas, the album was like, one track could be electronic, and another could be much more folk. I just felt like I had a lot more freedom to explore the types of styles that I was looking at…” Gordi said.

Gordi - Reservoir album art
For Gordi, her music can often be the release of her own pent up feelings. She explained that she hasn’t written any songs for around three months, given her busy schedule, and the emotional energy that’s required for her to write.

“I’m pretty good at letting things wash over me and being like, ‘okay I’m going to put it there and come back to it later’ and I feel like I’ve been doing that for a little while now. So there’s a big bank of stuff I’ve got to sort through. I’m really ready. I also feel like, when I haven’t gone to that place for a while, I start feeling pretty strung out. I think you need to be in touch with that side of yourself, even though it can make you more anxious. In the inverse, it can make you anxious when you don’t think about that stuff, when you… keep bottling it away. I think most of the time, the solution to me coming out of it is finishing a song.” she told us.

As if releasing her debut album wasn’t a wild enough experience, Gordi is also at the tail end of a medical degree at uni. She let us in on how the decision to commit to two very different lifestyles. She told us that “short term pain for long term gain” is the mantra that gets her through.

“Its not a Plan A, Plan B situation, which I’m sure it looks like from the outside. But I made a decision dearly on in my high schooling that I was going to do Med and I was just really set on that. It’s an amazing career as well, it’s very different. It’s kind of like I can see these two lives unfolding in front of me and I’m trying to pick which one I’m going to do. Thats kind of the way I was thinking for ages, and then I finally thought it’s my life and I can do what I want with it.” She said.

GORDI_CW17_087 - credit Cameron Wittig

Gordi recently returned from two weeks  in America and Canada. She performed to crowds, and said she found herself surprised, as she’s used to playing to people who’ve heard her music via Triple- J, rather than from overseas.

“In The US, the singer-songwriter stuff is really big, and adult contemporary is really big. In Australia, adult contemporary is a really dirty word, and even singer-songwriter is kind of a dirty word as well. We’ve worked really hard to not just fit in that category, and kind of push those boundaries.”

“I feel like because it’s so big, I think it’s sometimes less challenging in a funny way. Not to at all criticise the Australian market, because I love performing here. It’s just an interesting dynamic and an interesting shift between audiences…” she said.

Gordi told us about her support act for Gang of Youths, who she met through Facebook after including them in the list of acts she was most excited to see at BIGSOUND back in 2015. Despite being in the midst of an album release, and approaching her final exams, she explained that supporting Gang of Youths was an opportunity she couldn’t miss.

“I think the types of fans that Gang of Youths have are quite fanatic, in a great way. They love Dave and they love the band. You can see it, they buy all the merch, they come as soon as doors are opened. They’re very involved and very engaged fans. I was really looking forward to having an opportunity to play infront of people like that because they’re very receptive.” She said.

You can catch more of Gordi during her Reservoir Album Tour later this year. Once she wraps up her busy schedule for the year, she plans on catching up on the essentials, like Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale.

The details:

What: Reservoir Album Tour

Where: Wooly Mammoth 

When: Saturday, December 9th at 8:30pm

How Much: $28.60


More Info: 18+