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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 5, 2020

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Grinspoon Are Aus Rock Royalty, with Good Reason

Grinspoon Are Aus Rock Royalty, with Good Reason
Harry Wallace

There was a sense of splendour to the latest show at The Fortitude Music Hall.

Chemical Heart posters lined the walls, pink and blue neon lit the night, and hundreds of band t-shirt wearing fans packed into the queue to see Grinspoon perform the greatest hits of a 25 year career. But first, there was the opening acts.

Kicking off the show was Brissy locals, Bugs. And boy did they kick it off. The three-piece outfit blasted their way through their hits so far with an infectious energy that had the whole crowd grinning. Catchy singles and a solid stage presence means these boys are bound for future success. The biggest shame of their performance was that they didn’t have more of a crowd for their criminally early time slot.

The indie pop-rock dynamic duo, Gooch Palms, took the stage next. A fun, boppy atmosphere complimented their chilled out, feel-good songs and they were well received by the crowd.

Rounding out the openers were The Hard Aches, the melodious punk rockers from Adelaide. The Hard Aches have been around while now and it showed. They slammed into their greatest hits and got the crowd pumping for the main act. They were a fantastic choice to be on before the main show; singles such as ‘I Get Like This’ and ‘Glad That You’re Gone’ were absolutely perfect to scream along to, and the energy in the room was built to a fever-pitch.

Finally it was time for the main act. Grinspoon charged onto the stage, opening with anthem ‘DCX3’. The choice was perfect for audience interaction and lead singer Phil Jamieson worked the crowd masterfully.

Grinspoon have been mainstays of the Australian live music scene for a long time now, but their live performances only seem to have gotten better with age. The musicianship from Pat Davern, Joe Hansen and Kristian Hopes was tight and relentless. Jamieson has fully matured as both a vocalist and showman, with high notes and a punk rock screams alike performed with accuracy and flair. His stage moves were also entertaining; something between Freddie Mercury posturing and a supermodel strut. The energy on stage was phenomenal, and it was reflected in the audience; stage divers, dance circles, and full on mosh energy were all present and the crowd loved every second.

Roughly halfway through the performance Jamieson snuck around the back for the soulful ‘Minute by Minute’ before returning to the stage to continue belting out the hits. A welcome surprise was the band’s well known cover of the INXS Classic ‘Don’t Change’, sandwiched between classic Grinner hits.

The band finished off with an encore in triplicate; first, the titular ‘Chemical Heart’, followed by fan favourites ‘Champion’ and ‘More Than You Are’.  They exited to exhausted cheers as the audience departed in a tide of sweat and spilled beer.

Grinspoon are easily one of the best live bands in Australia right now. If you haven’t seen them, keep an eye out for upcoming shows.

Every review of this band ever will probably make the same pun, but we’ll do it anyway because it’s truthful; Grinspoon make for one Hard Act to Follow.

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