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Grub Food Van

Grub Food Van

| On 09, Nov 2014

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe what is going on at Grub Food Van.

When my sister suggested the Moor St eatery in Fitzroy, I was dubious. She is not renowned for choosing good cafes. They are usually too expensive or too loud, the food not varied enough or just unimaginative. The only thing they usually have going for them is good coffee (because my sister could not eat anywhere that doesn’t serve good coffee—neither could I for that matter).

grub food van

First—the atmosphere. Grub’s Food Van is deceptively big. You walk down past outdoor tables and a deserted-looking caravan only to enter a huge warehouse-turned-café. There are troughs growing tomato vines and herbs, a fish pond and lots of games for the young at heart to play while waiting for their food. I noticed at least five families there with small children who were wandering around quietly (for the most part).

We sat down and read the menu. I had to read it five times to understand half of the words. There was a Charcuterie Board with duck rillettes, wagyu bresaola, salami, prosciutto, cornichons and sourdough bread for $19. I was strongly tempted by this dish but then I set my eyes upon the Grub Egg and Bacon—smoked tomato jam, pink-fir rosti, crispy egg with Mache and hazelnut salad.

We waited for around twenty minutes for our food to come out. The whole time I kept looking around, finding something new hidden away in the plants. There were decapitated doll’s heads near the walls and a Wallace-and-Grommet style rabbit garden ornament just behind my seat. Some might find these touches creepy, but set in context to the good vibes happening in Grub Food Van they are kitsch and quirky.wallace and grommet rabbit

Then the food came out. I had a huge thick, slice of bacon on my plate (resembling a steak) with a crumbed egg on top. While this looked impressive, it did not prepare me for the explosion of flavours on my tongue. I am not a foodie, dear reader. I am a coffee aficionado. Yes, I like good food, and I like decent prices and good atmosphere, but I am no judge from master chef. The things that happened in my mouth when I ate at Grub Food Van—and the feelings in my tummy—were indescribable. I have never felt such food-induced happiness.

The coffee was delicious but acted as a compliment to the meal rather than the main feature. The cold drink (I had a blood orange and mint lemonade—freshly made) was so delicious I ordered two.

I now have a new regular haunt—and if you know what’s good for you, you will too.

Image Credits: Creative Drinks and De-Brief Me


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Gourmet chef-work for decent price