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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 29, 2020

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Guide to A Fashionable Bedroom

Guide to a Fashionable Bedroom

| On 27, May 2015

A simple four step guide to your new-and-improved fashionable bedroom.

As of current, the ever-changing fashion industry has opened its arms (or should i say doors) to allowing proprietors bedrooms to become a fashion statement. It has now become each fashionista’s fantasy to design their bedroom extenuating their fashion palette and taste.

So where to start? Start with a blank canvas: white sheets and a white quilt cover. Now i know you may be thinking “But wait, how can i eat dinner in my bed whilst watching Fashions Bloggers TV with the fear of staining something?” This is the perfect new reason to eat dinner at the dining table.


The next step is adding an oversized mirror- not only does this make your room appear visibly larger, but it also allows you to ensure your entire outfit fits into your Instagram photos, and you can’t say that isn’t important.


A complete must is adding a clothing rack visibly into your now cuter than ever bedroom. This added feature is the perfect way for you to display your favourite pieces and the perfect way to remember who’s borrowed your clothes. However, if your bedroom isn’t big enough to add racks, simply ensure that your wardrobe is colour coded, or at least in some sort of control freak order.


DIY pot plants are very fashionable and a hot commodity within bedrooms lately. Not only does this add a little extra colour to your bedroom, but it also allows people to believe that you are an environmentalist- even if you’re not. It also looks super chic if you have the pot plant stacked up on a couple of fashion magazines or books (my personal favourite).


The steps do not end here- these are only the basics. Add your own personal touch and in no time every fashionista will be envious of your humble abode.