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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 21, 2020

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Hannah Gadsby’s 'Dogmatic' at the Brisbane Powerhouse

Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Dogmatic’ at the Brisbane Powerhouse

| On 22, Mar 2016

What do handfuls of turd, corn on the cob, the pouch of Douglas and Taylor Swift have in common? Find out in Hannah Gadsby’s latest show ‘Dogmatic’!

Hannah Gadsby is an Australian stand-up comedian known for her quick-wit, self-deprecating honesty, and overall her ability to turn excruciating moments from her past into comedy gold.

Hannah is a regular on Australian television, and has presented numerous programs on the ABC as well as appearing (as herself) in shows including ‘Spicks and Specks’, ‘Good News Week’ and Josh Thomas’s acclaimed series ‘Please Like Me.’

Hannah describes her latest comedic offering ‘Dogmatic’ as her attempt “to do a pop musical equivalent of a comedy show.” ‘Dogmatic’ mocks the form of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 World Tour’ (because why not), and let’s just say the show comes fit with sequins, costume changes, a smoke machine, and some very awkward dance moves.

“The show is, Broadly speaking, about approaching life UNdogmatically. Specifically, it is about Taylor Swift and her hold on a generation of young women.” – the Great Gadsby

The form of ‘Dogmatic’ is more structurally varied and theatrical than Hannah’s previous work, but the show retains her trademark wit, quirk and knack for story telling. Unlike much of Hannah’s previous comedy (reviews of which came with Beyond Blue contact details), Hannah’s ‘1978 World Tour’ is decidedly “no woe.” ‘Dogmatic’ is uplifting, funny and entertaining, and Hannah cuts herself off whenever her anecdotes (about family, relationships, childhood and general mortification) begin to teeter into darkness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, and I think you will too.

Although at first I found the Taylor Swift connection somewhat random, I warmed to it after Hannah shared her many insights and grievances about the pop star, and convinced me that some good-humoured Tay Swift mocking was definitely in order.

I walked into ‘Dogmatic’ in a terrible mood (exhausted and starving after a ten-hour workday), but I walked out with a massive smile on my face and a sprightly spring in my step. I loved Hannah’s friendly, relaxed and humble stage presence, and watching her various attempts to be ‘pop’ like Tay Tay was a hilarious sight to behold.

Although ‘Dogmatic’ has finished its run at the Brisbane Powerhouse, the show continues its journey at the Melbourne Comedy Festival from the 24th of March to the 17th of April.

Go see it y’all.

The Details:

What: Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Dogmatic’ at the Melbourne Comedy Festival

When: March 24 – April 17

Where: ACMI, Melbourne

How Much: $30 – $42

More information: Get your tickets here

Images: Timeout