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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 16, 2021

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Happily Ever After: A Cabaret Delight

Happily Ever After: A Cabaret Delight
Paige Duffy

The Babushka ensemble presents their brand new show, Happily Ever After, as part of Wonderland festival 2019.

Performed in Brisbane Powerhouse’s Visy theatre, Happily Ever After, with its the three talented vocalists and fantastic pianist, have the audience spellbound from the dimming of the lights to the applause at the end. The performers, with their quick-witted banter and enchanting musical arrangements, are skilled at engaging the audience, bringing them into the unfolding fairytale on stage as King, Queen, drunkard, and, of course, peasants.

The stage is set beautifully, indicative of the fairytale plots to follow, with enchanting roses, a star-lit wall, and cut-out wolves that come alive with the howling of the three vocalists. As the lights dim, our three princesses, Alisha, Bethen, and Judy, along with their pianist, Sir Luke-a-lot, enter the space and rapidly fill the theatre with live music. Along with the voices of princesses Alisha, Bethen, and Judy and the confident tinkling of Sir Luke-a-lot’s ivories, audiences are treated to Bethen’s violin, Alisha’s accordion, and Judy’s various percussion instruments. The musical talent of each performer is enchanting in its self.

Through music, Happily Ever After tells the story of today’s modern princesses, the ones that Disney had no care for. There’s a princess, longing for true love, who meets a man, falls in love, marries… and divorces two years later. Or the princess who, despite her father’s strict ruling and with being grounded each and every night, still finds a way to party late and wake up with red wine stains on her shirt and the smell of Cuban cigars lingering through her hair (or rather, Passion Pop and Durry’s). And, of course, the “evil” queen, who fears her beauty is fading.

Babushka’s Happily Ever After is a delightful hour of live entertainment and contemporary love stories that any princess, prince, King, or Queen can relate to, regardless of whether you’re seeking a duke or duchess for yourself. And if you’re still unsure if this magical cabaret is for you, just wait until you hear Britney Spear’s Toxic: a truly mesmerising experience.

The Details

What: Happily Ever After

Where: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

When: Thursday 29 November – Saturday 01 December

Price: $30 – $32 (+ transaction fee)


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