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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 3, 2021

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Happy Haunts: a spooky extravaganza

Happy Haunts: a spooky extravaganza

| On 25, Oct 2013

With Halloween fast approaching we revisit animated, fun and down right gorgeous local artist, Lauren Carney to talk about her upcoming exhibition ‘Happy Haunts’.

1393056_10151968305824427_628254733_n (1)‘Happy Haunts’ is set to be a whimsically spooky but sweet exploration into Halloween, All Souls Day and Día de Muertos.

Featuring classic pop culture horror icons and original spooky characters with a Victorian zest, the exhibition is sure to delight even the most scaredy of cats.

“In a nutshell unicorns, vampires, bats, skeleton bunnies and babes play a big role in this launch,” said Lauren about her exhibition, opening November 2nd (day of the dead).

“It’s always been something that has stimulated me creatively. I think any arty person flourishes when it comes to Burton Films and bad 80s scary movies. I just thought it was a perfect time to get into the festive side of things – and drawing babes with ghosts is no better way then to tickle my creative pickle.”

And tickle her pickle she has, with works featured in Peppermint Mag, Brisbane Writers Fest, Frankie, Thaw Mag, and the Courier Mail to name a few.

Lauren’s illustration’s have seemingly exploded throughout the creative stratosphere landing in markets across Brisbane.

Her most recent conquest, the shores of pop culture fandom that is the Supanova festival.

“The Supernova markets are just amazing! I think my inner nerd can be free and have a fun time with all the other folk. I don’t have to worry too much about how I will come off to other people. I can just be my unusual self, sell all the wonderful things to wonderful people! It’s just great.”

Artist: Lauren Carney

Artist: Lauren Carney

Holding her last show only three months prior, Lauren has somehow found time to create over 50 new works for the ‘Happy Haunts’ exhibition. The audience are invited on an exploration into the personalities behind each wonderfully kooky character featured in the works.

“I always find recurring characters seem to weasel their way into my artwork. For a while a girl with long red hair and deer antlers would always turn up in pictures. But recently I’ve found, I’ll be doing drawings and if I’m thinking about someone, the pictures will always turn out like them. On of my best friends is obsessed with rabbits and is blonde, and I find little blonde girls with rabbits have been my new thing.”

If this collection of colour and creativity sounds like your type of spooky spector please take note:

The Details:

When: Saturday, November 2, 6pm.

Where: The Rabbit Hole Ideation Cafe, 22 Agnes Street, Brisbane

Price: Free!