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Harvest: Art, Food & Film!

Harvest: Art, Food & Film!

| On 07, Jul 2014

Foodies and art lovers rejoice! Art, film and food unite in the new exhibition Harvest at the Gallery of Modern Art.

Few things in this world delight me more than art, food and film, so I was positively thrilled at the opening of Harvest on Saturday, an exhibition that expresses the use of land and food throughout different cultures and periods in history.

More than 150 historical and contemporary works are displayed in the exhibition, expressing the themes of food movement, labour for production, wealth and class, and the relationships between people and the land.

There is a strong mix of artistic styles and mediums within the exhibition, which help to express the diversity of messages and connections to food that occur on a global level. This diversity is a tribute to the excellent curation by Assistant Curator of International Contemporary Art, Ellie Buttrose.

The Still Life paintings collection range from 17th Century to  contemporary versions  and represent the concepts of food trade and the Still Life genre as a representation of wealth.

One of the contemporary Still Life works, Shirana Shahbazi’s Still Life: Coconut and other Things 2009, is a monumental sized painting that mimics the original Still Life style. It’s tropical subject matter connects beautifully with the entrance installation piece Fallen Fruit 2014, by David Burns and Austin Young, which contains 120 pieces expressing the importance of the pineapple in Queensland.

  Shirana SHAHBAZI  Still life: Coconut and other things 2009

In addition to paintings are numerous multimedia works, sculptures, photographic and installation pieces. Together they create an international narrative of the impacts of food, and food production, within different cultures. Many of these works are by Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders, in addition to the international artists.

While centered around the theme of food, the works branch out to convey the social, environmental, economic and political repercussions, and impacts, that arise from this life sustaining source.

SUPERFLEX Flooded McDonalds (still) 2009

SUPERFLEX Flooded McDonalds (still) 2009

Film is very prominent in the exhibition with many multimedia pieces displayed. The gallery will also be playing a number of feature films and documentaries on food production and consumption including Chocolat (2009) and Waitress (2007). These will be screened in GOMA’s Australian Cinémathèque as part of Harvest: Food on Film, curated by Rosie Hays. Friday night also offers an opportunity to indulge in a film and a dining experience at the GOMA restaurant.

GOMA Restaurant  Harvest Menu Magnum Opus

There really was too much to cover, and I only wish I could describe each work in detail. So my recommendation is to head over to GOMA and immerse yourself in the beauty of Harvest.

The Details:

What: Harvest Exhibition

Where: Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

When: 28 June to 21 September 2014

How Much: Free

Website: Visit the QAGOMA Website

Flooded McDonalds photograph courtesy of QAGOMA

Magnum Opus photograph by Mark Sherwood, courtesy of QAGOMA