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Harvey bounces onto stage with Nash theatre

Harvey bounces onto stage with Nash theatre

| On 11, Jul 2016

“Real friends are hard to find”. This was the tagline from last night’s show, Harvey. Written by Mary Chase, and originally produced for Broadway, It follows the story of a man named Elwood P Dowd who is friends with a Pooka – a mythical creature from Irish folklore that often takes the form of a large animal. This particular Pooka is a six foot anthropomorphic rabbit and is visible only to him, and sometimes to others. After Dowd introduces Harvey at a family party, his sister and niece become completely fed up. Thinking him mad, and at their wit’s end with embarrassment, they try to have him committed to a sanatorium – with chaotic results. Presented by the New Farm Nash Theatre Company, this play was charming.



Merthyr Road Uniting Church’s Brunswick Room, the home of Nash Theatre, is a small venue. However, that doesn’t detract from the shows they put on and lends a quaint vibe to any night out and really reflects on what it is to belong to community theatre, even if it’s just for the one night. I’d seen the James Stewart film adaptation of the story many years ago, so I knew about the whole ‘invisible friend’ thing and expected the play to be a little winsome and innocent. And it was, to a degree, but it was so much more than that. It was riotous, charismatic and totally engaging.



The acting was overall top-notch and the set and costume designs apt and on point. The shining stars of the night were undoubtedly Daren King, as Elwood P Dowd and Patrick Farrelly as Dr Chumley, the psychiatrist who takes an interest in Dowd’s case. From the moment King stepped on stage, I knew he was going to give a good performance – he has oodles of charisma. And I enjoyed much about Farrelly’s performance – from his accent to the way he carried himself on stage. Nevertheless, all the cast gave a really good performance which really demonstrated their efforts as well as that of the whole production team in making this show happen.

The Details

What: Harvey
Where: 52 Merthyr Road, New Farm 
When: 9-30 July
Cost: $20

More Info here

Images: New Farm Nash Theatre