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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 11, 2020

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Have A Fling With Sunbather's 'Brown Bread'

Have A Fling With Sunbather’s ‘Brown Bread’
Reece Dargie

Picture yourself laying with your eyes closed, surrounded by calming sounds on a balmy afternoon. One word for it is sunbathing. Another is Brisbane’s newest dream-pop duo, Sunbather.

Their debut EP Black Bread follows the intrigue of their lead singles ‘Wide Open’ and ‘Softly Spoken’, establishing the identity of the band while proving their standard of quality is beyond their years. Opening with ‘Wide Open’, the band proves their knack for the style with expertly layered guitars and vocals, opening without bass or drums to introduce the two-piece’s focus of the project.

Guitarist Mike Todman forces a space for himself in every pretty-guitar enthusiast’s heart with an abundance of nuanced melodies, frolicking around the guitar neck in the fashion of sleepmakeswaves or Ireland’s Enemies.

Sally Latter’s inner-monologue styled lyricism is the perfect frame to experience her romantic anecdotes through, as ‘Softly Spoken’ combines words and textures to let the listener try on her rose-coloured glasses. An innocent sense of nostalgia is created with “I could stay here forever, as far as I know” as the character naively enjoys their partner’s company laying in the grass. The duo promise to impress indie-rock audiences with the driving bass and hi-hat bedazzlements throughout the track, keeping the energy high with the surfy riffs crashing throughout ‘Bad Timing’.



Coming from a different place of heart, the lyrics on ‘Same Place’ edge closer to the winning side of romantic misfortune for the EP’s most melancholic track. Hooked from the previous trio of singles, Sunbather takes creative liberties by teasing a non-waltz and shifting the beat across its two choruses. The last third of the track is a soothing bridge, but like the recipient of Sally’s rejection, leaves you begging for a climactic resolution built on the glimpses of her intriguing hook.

The lull continues through most of ‘Life To Come’ with the theme of love at its most alluring. The chorus hook “I am for you” is a strong declaration that needs little elaboration. An entrancing arrangement and opalescent glimpses of her love-nest are there to support this statement. Between the two tracks, four minutes have passed since the full band has appeared. As the drums re-enter, the build continues before its resolving chorus that capstones Brown Bread in all its luscious glory.

In merely five tracks, the duo has achieved a full-length experience by offering playlist-ready tracks, uncompromised creativity, and a conceptually tight release. Sunbather, as an artist, proves to stylistically embody sunbathing; while the content on Brown Bread embodies pure charm.

Brown Bread will be released Friday, 26 June.

Find Sunbather on Spotify and  Instagram.

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