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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 17, 2021

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Hello Please, Yes Please, Let's Eat

Hello Please, Yes Please, Let’s Eat
Claire Bass

Brisbane’s Fish Lane has always been anything but fishy. At the centre of Brisbane’s cultural heart, heading to Fish Lane always means you’re in for a great night. This whole vibe is consistent with the Lane’s newest renovation, Hello Please. From it’s humble beginnings in a shipping container, Hello Please has secured it’s spot as one of Brisbane’s best spots for an evening out with your pals, family or for taking yourself out on a special solo date.

On first arrival, we were greeted and bought to a table next to the big windows which provided a lovely view of Fish Lane. We decided to give ourselves a mid-week treat and order some cocktails, the stand out drink of the evening was the HP Spritzer. This put a spin on a classic, by adding pomegranate and mint to an Aperol Spritz. It instantly dissolved any of stress that resided from the work day, and took us away to a summer paradise, where our only worries was how long until we had to re-apply our sunscreen.



We took a bit longer to decide on the menu, due to the many options, our decisiveness was wavering. Despite us taking our sweet time in the restaurant’s rush hour, the staff were patient with us. When we asked for an extra five minutes to decide, they actually gave us the whole five minutes, instead of checking up on us every minute and a half. Their smiles were genuine and they answered all of our questions about the menu eagerly, there was no hint of oh-my-goodness-will-you-just-decide-already hidden behind their eyes.

The menu is designed to share between the party, however my party tends to be slightly picky-eaters, so we decided to just get our own meals, but don’t worry, I still insisted on having a tasty bite of each dish on the table.

I ordered the Chinese Bolognese out of pure curiosity, the menu left much to the imagination. It often only listed words that although sounded extremely delicious, didn’t supply much clarification on what the dish really entailed. But with high risk, comes high reward. I was rewarded with the most tender minced beef, that did not disappoint in the flavour department. Every bite upped the ante, and my heart broke as I took the last bite. It had just the right amount of spiciness, which was balanced out by the thick noodles that were the shape of a solid penne pasta. If my description of this meal is leaving you a bit confused, don’t worry. Whilst eating the dish, my brain struggled to comprehend what it really was, all I knew for sure, was that it was crazy delicious. The dish gave you the same feeling as being in a foreign country, it was confusing and chaotic, but it was really fantastic.



The Yellow Curry, it’s a classic, but still a real stand out for Hello Please. The lemongrass chicken was flavoursome and tender, and mastered the art of balancing sweet and savoury flavours. The dish provided a bit of a kick but kept things rather cool, so it’s the perfect solution for those who aren’t crazy about heat.



The bao buns had both vegetarian and meat options, meaning everyone could experience these little bites of joy. With Eggplant Katsu and Roast Pork Belly, it was honestly impossible to decide which bao bun was better, so you’ll just have to go Hello Please and decide for yourself.



Hello Please is the perfect place for a special occasion, or even if you’re simply in the need of a mid-week treat yourself moment. The red lighting gives off an allure of elegance and sophistication, for an affordable price. I was able to order a cocktail, entrée and main for under fifty dollars. The staff were enthusiastic and helpful from start to end, making the night enjoyable, delicious and heart-warming. Hello Please has found perfection in it’s execution of meals, as well as the service and experience they provide. The restaurant’s website states quite blatantly, that “one thing’s ‘pho sho’, South Brisbane will never be the same.” And, if one thing is truly ‘pho sho’, they’re absolutely, positively, correct.


What: Hello Please
WhereHello Please, 10 Fish Ln, South Brisbane QLD 4101
When: Tuesday – Thursday, 5pm – 9:30, Friday – Sunday, 12pm – 3pm, 5pm-10pm, book by calling 0411 526 886
How Much: $35-$60