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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 21, 2020

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Help your brain and dine out

Help your brain and dine out

| On 31, Mar 2014

We’ve heard them all before. The excuses for skipping out on a dinner date are endless. “Too much study, can’t afford it…”

Here is your justification. Dining out nourishes your brain.

1. Try something new somewhere new 

 Our brains love new stuff. Novelty is one of the innate forces that drives us daily and trying new things enables our brains to make new connections.  I accidentally ate frog in Cambodia recently… It was awesome.Trying new food in a new location breaks routine and causes new synapses, boosting our memory function like crazy! 

2. Changing routine

Neurology experts say you can re-synapse your brain by slightly altering your routine, even by taking a different route home. Replace pizza-Wednesday with a spontaneous alternative on any given week-night!

3. Socialising 

Socialising has countless benefits for your brain, including fending off mental illnesses, boosting memory and maintaining cognitive sharpness. The benefits of meeting a friend for dinner extend far beyond gossiping about bad profile pictures.

Image sourced from Google

Image sourced from Google

You do the math:

Dine somewhere new + spontaneity + friend (plural if you’re lucky) =  A memory boosting, illness combating, brain busting exercise!

Now go and dine at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to for weeks!