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A Hidden Gem From The Brisbane Cabaret Festival

A Hidden Gem From The Brisbane Cabaret Festival

| On 07, Jun 2016

Many people have a celebrity who they idolise, someone they dream of being like. For 17-year old Alexandra Keddie she dreams of being legendary actress Meryl Streep.

Her cabaret show, I See Me and Meryl Streep is a celebration of all things Meryl!

As soon as I walked into the theatre I was met with a wall of appreciation for Meryl Streep. Posters, memorabilia and outfits decorated Keddie’s bedroom. My personal favourite touch was the Mountain to Meryl chart where she ‘climbs’ up the ladder once she has become a step further to reaching the success of Meryl.

The highlight of the evening was the many accents of Meryl Streep. Keddie has perfected the accents of many Streep’s most famous roles. We are treated to the likes of Miranda Priestly, Julia Child and Margaret Thatcher in a near perfect imitation. Keddie’s 17 year old character is quirky, humorous and let’s face it, a borderline stalker. Through the glitz and glamour, Keddie reminds the audience of what it feels like to be an obsessed teenager.

Keddie worked for many years with Brisbane’s Harvest Rain Theatre Company before turning her sights towards television. She has recently appeared on ABC’s The Doctor Blake Mysteries and Channel 10’s Offspring. It is amazing to have Keddie back on the stage where she truly shines. Her voice is breathtaking and her dance moves need to be seen to believed. There is something about Keddie that is quirky and charming – it was incredibly hard to take my eyes off her.

Featuring music from ABBA, Sondheim, Ray Charles and more ABBA, I See Me & Meryl Streep is a nostalgic exploration of some of cinemas most loved and memorable characters. Sadly Keddie only played one show in Brisbane. However, you can next catch her and her spectacular dance moves at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

What: I See Me and Meryl Streep
Where: The Space
When: 21-22 June
How Much: $29 – $37

For tickets, head to the Melbourne Cabaret Festival website here.