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Highlights from the Night Noodle Markets

Highlights from the Night Noodle Markets

| On 25, Jul 2014

If you haven’t been to the Night Noodle Markets yet then you need to get a bloody move on and visit them before they end this Sunday.

Not only do the markets offer delicious, affordable Asian meals, the environment created by the Brisbane Times Good Food Month is unparalleled. With coloured lanterns and Chinese fans strung throughout the area, live music pouring out of every corner and the tantalizing scent of cooking food pervading the Cultural Forecourt, these markets are fun, fresh and unmissable.

Here are some of the highlights from the Markets and the dishes that are worth the wait in the lines:

New Shanghai

Everything New Shanghai does is delicious. The servings are plentiful, the cost is low and the flavour is bang on. Their xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are my favourite in Brisbane and, offered in a market setting, are no exception. Be careful with your fork so as not to pierce the dumpling and lose the soup.

ii-na Japanese Food

Chicken Karaage. That’s all. It’s delicious. Chunky, juicy pieces of chicken deep fried to perfection. Yummy!

Chitty Banh Banh

The wagyu skewers wrapped in betel leaf and topped with chopped peanuts are melt-in-your-mouth tender and extremely moreish. As the stall is placed next to the DJ stand, the line moves quickly and inspires a dance or two along the way.

nnm3Birds Nest Yakitori

Any of the skewers made by Bird’s Nest are delicious. For the more adventurous, there are chicken heart skewers or cherry tomatoes wrapped in pork belly which are seriously delicious.


Longrain is a Sydney and Melbourne acclaimed South East Asian restaurant that has just graced Brisbane with their presence. Their green pork curry is full of shredded pork and a rich green sauce with fried crispy noodle. With heartwarming smells emanating from this stall and encompassing a large area, you’re assured of a great meal.

Saké Restaurant

Again, everything Saké does is delicious. Their stall is kept simple with the choice of soba or udon noodle and pork, chicken or vegetarian toppings. With Edamame for an entrée, this stall ensures a short waiting time that isn’t short on taste. The Saké skills are exemplary and their customer service is the best of the night with the cashiers holding a seemingly effortless smile throughout the night despite the increasing crowds.

nnm2Whilst it seems that I’ve listed almost every stall at the Night Noodle Markets, this is for a good reason. Every stall is there because they are acclaimed Asian establishments offering tasty, fresh, seasonal food. So forgo your lunch, grab your biggest parka and get your chopsticks at the ready for a truly enjoyable night.