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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 1, 2021

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Hip Hop Artist KG Tells Us Five Things That Need To Change About Australia

Hip Hop Artist KG Tells Us Five Things That Need To Change About Australia
Taylor Furby

Canberra’s KG released his latest single ‘Change’ last month and it holds a powerful message.

‘Change’ is the follow-up to ‘Black Boy’ about the oppression of people of colour today but the latest single is more positive.

“‘Change’ is about inspiring social change in our community for everyone. Also, by doing one thing to help someone disadvantaged is better than doing nothing at all. The song is designed for the everyday person struggling and how they can overcome life struggles by making a change in their lives.”

So here’s the five things KG says need to change about Australia:

  1. Better conversation with Australia’s First Nations people and national referendum on reconciliation and how far we have come and the need to do better.
  2. More honest views about Australia’s history taught in schools and the truths of colonisation towards our First Nation people.
  3. More musical and cultural based programs in schools and better representation of Australia’s diversity in the media. There is nothing worse than a panel of all white people talking about Indigenous rights or trying to justify something isn’t racist.
  4. We definitely need younger politicians and definitely more women. We’re sick of misogynistic old white men dictating our future.
  5. We need more community gatherings and sharing of peoples’ culture. Australia is a beautiful country once we all get to know more about each other.

KG has spent time in Indigenous communities over the last couple of months and ‘Change’ is about targeting what’s wrong in Australia and finding solutions. There’s no doubt big things are still to come from KG. You can listen to ‘Change’ here.

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