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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 5, 2021

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The History of Tiffany & Co

The History of Tiffany & Co

| On 13, Jun 2015

Throughout the years Tiffany & Co has embodied the essence of a New York lifestyle, through its intricate and luxurious jewellery designs. Tiffany & Co has always remained a timeless symbol of elegance and refinement. Through the era of new York Jazz to post-war harmony, Tiffany & Co remained prominent for every toast to “I do”.

Opening its doors in 1837 on Broadway, the very first days trade saw a total of $4.98 in sales. In 1840 the iconic Tiffany Blue Box crowned with a pristine white ribbon was created. An international symbol, that exerts style and sophistication.


Charles Lewis Tiffany designed the iconic blue box as an acquired gift to every customers purchase.

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1878 saw Charles Lewis Tiffany purchase a 287 carat fancy yellow diamond. Cut to 128.54 carats and names the Tiffany Diamond.During this period Charles also introduced the Tiffany setting diamond engagement ring.


1940 saw the Tiffany & Co flagship store open its famous doors on 5th avenue and cement itself as the most iconic Tiffany & Co store.

1969 saw Tiffany & Co bring forth the unique addition of “Return to Tiffany”. A tag on Tiffany’s screw ball key ring where each tag has a unique identification number linked back to the customer of purchase.

Paloma Picasso debuts her collection in 1980. Her bold and fearless designs transcend Tiffany & Co into a higher level of style and sophistication.


The 21st century saw the name Tiffany & Co sky rocket and become a house hold name globally. Tiffany and Co introduces Lucinda, one of the only patented diamond cuts. It also introduces Tiffany novo, a diamond based on the cushion cut Tiffany diamond.

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2009 saw the iconic Tiffany key symbol being introduced to the brands collection.

69fb378f8609d4236ff3672431234627In 2012 Tiffany and Co celebrated its 175th anniversary and introduced the Tiffany1837 jewellery collection.

Daisy’s, Yellow diamonds and the colour Blue are all strong and recognisable themes found in classic Tiffany jewellery.

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 Image Credits: Tiffany and Co’s Instagram page and Pinterest