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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 29, 2020

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Hockey Dad Get Us Hyped For Beer InCider

Hockey Dad Get Us Hyped For Beer InCider
Lily-Rose Davies

We sat down with Zach from Hockey Dad to chat about touring Europe, his biggest influences and what fans can expect from their performance at Beer InCider this Saturday. For those who have not yet heard about Beer InCideryou’ve been missing out. As you might have guessed, the event combines your favourite beer, cider and Australian music for a fool-proof Spring weekend. Hockey Dad join a stacked line-up with fellow homegrown musicians Ruby Fields, Dear Seattle, Thundamentals, Briggs, Jesswar, Charlie Collins and Bris 182.

The Creative Issue: How has the Europe tour been so far?

Zach Stephenson: We just finished the tour but we have had so much fun! And made some friends for life which is what it’s all about.

TCI: Europe has been getting a lot of love from you guys lately, but what can Aussie fans expect for the second half of the year? Will you be touring your new record around Australia?

ZS: We have a few little treats for all of our Australian fans once we get home from this tour!

TCI: It has been almost six years since you guys fully appeared on the scene with ‘Lull City’, how have you changed as a band since then?

ZS: We’ve aged quite a bit. But basically, it’s the same idea. We might be doing different things and trying different approaches when it comes to writing and performing but the end goal, which is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, is still the same.



TCI: You say you draw a lot of inspiration from everyday life, but who has been the biggest inspiration behind your music?

ZS: Lately King Gizz have been my biggest inspiration. They are absolutely taking over the world and it’s so awesome to see! They are the hardest working band in Australia right now, probably the world.

TCI: On that note, if you could perform with any other musician on stage who would it be?

ZS: Yeah let’s go with King Gizz then. Double down on the fanboy love.

TCI: What is the creative process behind your music these days?

ZS: Mostly sitting at home just trying to come up with ideas. Then we will get together and bash some stuff out and try mould it into shape.

TCI: Why should Hockey Dad fans head to Beer InCider Experience?

ZS: Because the lineup is fire so get out there and enjoy some live music with your friends and family!

TCI: Your favourite song to perform live is ‘I wanna be everybody’ – why is playing it live so much fun?

ZS: Probably because it’s a challenge to play live. I like the challenge in the moment and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want. So, when you get it right you’ve earned yourself a beer!

Catch Hockey Dad at Beer InCider Experience (20 & 21 September) on Saturday 21 September at 8:45pm at The Brisbane Showgrounds. Third release available now, so grab your ticks here!

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