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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 16, 2021

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How "Just Starting Out" Can Help You Fulfil Your Creative Dream

How “Just Starting Out” Can Help You Fulfil Your Creative Dream

| On 15, Nov 2014

In the age where technology rules and converging is the key to surviving, keeping ideas fresh and separating ourselves amongst the creative cloud is sometimes daunting and confusing.

Creating content just doesn’t suffice today and it’s all about facilitating this content to the public through collaborative work and being entrepreneurial enough to reach the masses has led some very bright and talented people to create their own solutions.

Creative Drinks chatted with Sarah Kumar, the brains behind Just Starting Out a blog, feature website and soon to be marketing solutions consulting page, to discuss issues, problems and creative vision.

Immensely talented and down-to-earth, Sarah picks up the phone on a hot Monday afternoon and giggles as she tells me she has just been locked out of home.

Now in her mid-to-late twenties, it’s somehow humbling to dial a number where on the other side is a curious and intelligent mind that at her age still ponders all of life’s questions.

Deciding the noise on her end was too busy, she walks down a quiet Melbournian alleyway and on the way we chat about city life.

Huddled amongst busy streets and talented baristas, Sarah explains to me about the sort of crisis we face to keep creative people working and not only that but working in their industry.

Concocting an idea to get people to talk through design, art and all things in-between, she is bending, shifting and creating marketing solutions for creatives who are not always business centric.

She knows that where a big idea is close, even bigger solutions are closer.

A marketer by trade, Sarah works in property but says that her interest has always lied in writing with a keen interest in writing about others.

“I’ve always had a strong passion to write about people who start new things, whether it’s a new enterprise or following new creative passion, one day I woke up and said oh this idea could work, that’s where the website idea came from.”

Courtenay Tyrrell_MAUDE Studio

Courtenay Tyrrell from MAUDE Studio was featured by Just Starting Out

Thanks to the efforts of people like Sarah, those creative buttons telling us to churn out designs would only be figments of our imagination.

But as Sarah tells us, “you have to look at the financial aspects as well, unfortunately that has to come into the equation I’m at a point that my website is starting to take off and I have to ask myself do I start cutting back from my full time job and turn my hobby into my career?”

The website’s creative vision is to expose new entrepreneurs or creatives to a wider network of people and Sarah explains how she saw a visible gap, where up-and-comers where struggling to have content created about them.

“I had a few friends that were starting up who where turning their hobby into a profession. I found that personally really interesting and I thought, ‘there isn’t really anything out there that is supporting these people’,” she explains.

Unlike other websites which draw in readers through writing about hot trends, Sarah wants to focus on giving people hope through sharing stories of those turning their hobbies into their dream jobs.

“I like to read about these things and so far the response for my website has been pretty good.”

The vision is to support people that are at the cusp of their professional lives and hopefully assist them in getting more exposure.

Rachel Bailley from Fyn featured by Sarah

On top of writing features, Sarah plans to use her marketing knowledge and writing skills to offer consulting services.

Agreeing that too many creatives start their own businesses without a clue on how to expand, she says, “I want to help people through this website I have had an idea of how people start business, I can see why a lot of creatives have good ideas but can’t facilitate them because this sort of stuff doesn’t come naturally to them.”

Seeing a potential partnership with the government, Just Starting Out wants to help small businesses and start-ups through collaborating with local projects in order to flourish creative work under these platforms.

If you’re looking to take your project, idea or skill to the next level, then we highly recommend contacting Just Starting Out  who as an enthusiastic marketing and creative website can potentially be that extra helping hand you so dearly needed in this at times difficult industry.

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