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How to: DIY Christmas wrapping

How to: DIY Christmas wrapping

| On 23, Dec 2013

At the age of eight, mother dearest, in what I now remember to be a superficial voice, explained to me how exciting wrapping presents can be.

As a child, I was easily drawn into the fake stories parents would tell and so began my unpaid career in wrapping presents for my family.

Little did I know, Mum just couldn’t be bothered doing it herself.

Fortunately for her, my silly childhood brain enjoyed wrapping presents, despite the awkward shapes and sizes items can be in.

Throughout the years I began adding embellishments, whether it be a simple triple fold effect or a hand-drawn tag.

I’ve decided to share my most used techniques in gift wrapping, from making gift boxes and bags, gift bows and what I do when the wrapping paper falls short and doesn’t cover the entire present.


What you’ll need is wrapping paper, scissors, sticky tape and a box about the same size you’d like your gift bag to be.

Keep in mind, the sturdier your wrapping paper, the sturdier the gift bag will be.


1. Place the box on the wrapping paper and ensure the wrapping paper will fit end to end. Pictured is the opening of the gift bag. This part will not be covered, so any excess wrapping paper hanging over the edge you’ll need to cut.

2. Fold over the sides as if you’re wrapping a typical box present and tape the entire seam together.

3. Remove the box. At this point, I like to crease the edges to give it more of an authentic gift bag feel.

4. Cut a strip of wrapping paper, fold the edges towards the centre and tape the seam down. Stick on the insides of the bag.


Did you just awkwardly run out of a particular design while you were wrapping a present too big for its own good?

You can easily fix this issue with a contrasting piece of wrapping paper, adding uniqueness to your present wrapping!


1. Tape down that awkward gap and wrap the rest of your present.

2. Grab a tube of contrasting wrapping paper, cut a strip double the size of the gap and fold the edges into the centre, creating a strip as seen in picture 3.

3. Place strip onto gap. You can either use double sided sticky tape and attach to present, or just tape down the edges to the side of the present (which is what I prefer).

4. If you’re like me and feel that the present now looks like you’ve run out of paper and had to awkwardly make do, then add an embellishment like a gift bow!


Gift bows are one of my favourite decorative items for gifts, and they are quite easy to make (just tedious depending on the size).

Most of the time I use wrapping paper similar to any ‘stripes’ I’ve added as seen above, or if I’ve wrapped the entire present in newspaper, I keep with the theme and make the bow out of newspaper.


1. Cut twelve strips of wrapping paper of the same width and height. The longer the strip, the bigger the bow will become and more the strips of paper you will need.

2. Loop the strip into pictured.

3. I personally tape the bow straight to the present because my family has a long track record of ripping presents carelessly. If you prefer, you can cut a square piece of wrapping paper and prepare your bow on that, later gluing or taping the bow onto a present.

NOTE: While I use sticky tape, it’s suggested you use hot glue as it’s more sturdy however, it is also more messy to work with.

4. It takes four loops to create the base.

GiftBow035. Continue on the second circle of four loops, fitting them between the original four.

6. Do this for the third time, fitting the loops between the second circle of loops.

7. For the centre, make a loop as pictured and tape the shape together.

8. Double side your sticky tape (or use a dab of hot glue), place the tape in the centre.

9. Put the centre loop onto the sticky tape. To help press down the centre, I use a thin object such as a lollypop stick.




Gift boxes are the easiest to make, assuming you have a shoe box or similar.

All you need to do is separately wrap the box and lid.

Personally, I like to wrap each part with different wrapping paper and create the strip effect on the lid with the base’s design.



Still too lazy to decorate but wanting to give fun, novelty wrapped presents? Look for these awesome, unique gift wraps:

  • Use a map
  • “Keep Calm I’ve Kept the Receipt” wrapping paper (Typo)
  • Newspaper wrapping
  • “Wrapping paper” labelled wrap (some newsagents)
  • Comic book paper wrapping (try op shops if you don’t want to destroy your collector’s items)
  • Friend works at a grocery store? Remind them by wrapping their present in their store’s catalogues.