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How To Keep Your Sartorial Cool As The Temperatures Soar

How To Keep Your Sartorial Cool As The Temperatures Soar

| On 03, Feb 2015

As the temperature increases, so does everyones temperament, which can often mean an unhealthy and very agitated few weeks. These are our tips of how to beat the heat, and stay sane in the sweltering sun.


Invisible Zinc

1. Invisible Zinc

No one likes the look of a burnt red nose smack bang in the middle of their face but then on the other hand, sunscreen is not the most attractive addition as it makes your skin extremely greasy. But in order not to compromise your sun safety, which is extremely important, Invisible Zinc is your definite summer must have. You can be sun protected without everyone having to know.


Lack Of Colour


2. Fedora or Straw Sun Brim Hat

The next stylish way to stay cool and look cool, is to invest in a hat. Going for the straw wide-brim or a felt fedora, either way you are bound to exude style while still being ever so sun safe. Lack of Colour are definitely the hat I’ll be wearing – particularly in Silver Haze.


Turkish Towel


3.Turkish Towel

One thing I absolutely hate is carrying around a heavy beach towel, as you sashay between both the ocean and its nearby cafes. I have recently been introduced to the answer – Turkish Towels. Not only do they dry quicker but are also extremely lightweight and compact to fit in your beach bag.




4. Kimono or Throw

The trend of kimonos has been quite popular in the last year, but this summer they have definitely hit the foreground. Something lace, or with fringing is exactly what you need, or you could go with a light denim too. Either way you will avoid the red armed tan and easily dress up any beach outfit, for a spontaneous afternoon drinks.


Shakuhachi sunglasses


5. Sunglasses – are fun just in general

Whether you go with cats-eye, wayfarers, or the classic bug eye, sunglasses complete any look. They give a sense of mystery to your style. My pick would be Shakuhachi or Bailey Nelson X Aje for something adventurous or Ray Bans for an everyday pair.

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