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How to prevent the O-week hangover

How to prevent the O-week hangover

| On 26, Feb 2014

O-week. A time of new beginnings and making friends. It’s also a time of unceasing partying and hangovers so bad you’ll curse the moment you decided to scull that repugnant Fruity Lexia.

In preparation for O-week (and as a service to your liver), here are a few tips that will hopefully make your O-week experience a little less… barf-y.


Stay hydrated
This seems like a no-brainer but drinking enough water is the key to both preventing and remedying a hangover. Drinking alcohol can quickly lead to dehydration and is the primary cause for that hangover headache. So be sure to drink water before starting on alcohol as well as continually throughout the night. If your inebriated self can remember, drink four glasses of water before you collapse into bed. Your body will thank you when you finally crawl out from under the sheets.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach
Yes, eating a proper meal before drinking does slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream but you’ll be doing a great kindness to your liver and digestive system (i.e. less chance of hurling). Filling up on food will also decrease the severity of a hangover. You really can’t lose. So, before the deck of cards comes out, nosh on a bowl of pasta.

Stay hydrated, fill up on food and know your limits! Images clockwise from top left: Cimm, Prayitno, Kyle May, Rovingl

Stay hydrated, fill up on food and know your limits! Images clockwise from top left: Cimm, Prayitno, Kyle May & Rovingl


Add ice and a mixer
Another good tip to help prevent a hangover is to add ice and an un-carbonated mixer such as juice to your drinks. More trips to the bathroom, perhaps, but the melting ice and mixer will dilute the alcohol and increase the time between refills. This allows your body to metabolise the alcohol more easily and decreases the chance of waking up to what seems like endless suffering.

Stay away from unfamiliar drinks
You might be feeling bouncy and confident but it’s a good idea to stay away from the cocktail concocted by the party ‘bartender’ that contains five types of alcohol, three mixers and a suspect secret ingredient such as cayenne pepper or fish sauce. It’s hard to tell how much alcohol you’re drinking (and exactly what you’re drinking too).

Opt for light, good-quality liquor
Alcohol contains congeners and the higher the amount of congeners means a higher chance of having a hangover. Poor-quality liquor and dark spirits such as whisky, brandy and rum are said to contain more congeners than good-quality light spirits such as vodka and gin. This doesn’t mean that sixty-dollar-vodka is going to stop a hangover but sticking to the lower toxic clear spirits may help keep the O-week hangover at bay.


If all this fails and you’ve woken up with a pounding headache, upset stomach and your pores oozing the smell of vodka, your best friends are Berocca, eggs on toast and lots of rest. Have fun and be safe!