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How To: Shop The Sales

How To: Shop The Sales

| On 24, Dec 2014

It’s a pretty exciting time of year, Christmas celebrations, New Year’s festivities… oh, and SALES! Read our definitive how to guide to avoid sale fatigue, post purchase depression and overuse induced credit card pain. 

1. Create A Wish List

Before the sales even hit create a wish list of items you have your eye on, completely ignoring the price tag. This way when the items you want are marked down you are purchasing out of a genuine need (fashion need, obviously…) or love of the item, not the cheap as chips price tag. This also gives you time to think about the gaps in your existing wardrobe, do your research and select the best pieces for your needs.

2. Avoid Shopping Centres On Boxing Day

Ignore the television advertisements, suggestions from your out-of-town aunt and overwhelming desire to use Christmas gift cards and steer clear of major shopping centres on December 26th. If impossible parking, screaming children, extensive change room and checkout queues aren’t enough to put you off the disorganised and overstuffed racks should do it. Shopping should be leisurely or at least pleasurable, two things Boxing Day shopping cannot be described as. Avoid the fuss and hit the shops a few days later, the sales usually stick around for at least two weeks prior to Boxing Day. Alternatively avoid shopping centres altogether and shop from the comfort of your couch or enjoy a day at one of Brisbane’s boutique strips such as James St or the Paddington precinct.


3. Stock Up On Essentials And Basics

Sales are the time to purchase essentials such as lingerie, socks, fitness clothing, basic tee’s and shirts as well as pieces for your work wardrobe. You can often score these essentials at great prices, so why pay full price on things which are not going out of style, or going to sell out?


4. Set A Budget

December and January are a notoriously tight time for most. All the Christmas gifts, food and drink coupled with New Year’s Eve outfits and parties can leave your wallet a bit dry so set a clear budget for sale shopping. There is no point blowing your spending money for the next three months on sale goodies. To avoid post sale shopping remorse set a realistic budget, keep your purchases close to your wish list and only make a few extra purchases if the budget allows it.

5. Avoid Trend Pieces

Trend pieces, or those very much associated with 2014 will be clearing out for cheap, but consider, do you really want to be in last years print, style or trend? Stick to classics to get the most out of your sale shopping.



6. Dress Appropriately

If you do hit the shops dress accordingly. Avoid anything with lots of buttons, zips or laces. Keep it simple with clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup which won’t drive you crazy when getting dressed and undressed numerous times. I firmly believe Birkenstocks were designed for sale shopping; comfortable, cool and slips on and off easily. Another easy option would be a shirt dress or cotton shorts and a basic tee.




Image credits: Pinterest