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Hullabaloo: A Funding Success

Hullabaloo: A Funding Success

| On 14, Sep 2014

Veteran Disney animators unite to revitalise the 2D animated film. The campaign is a success, but will Hullabaloo live up to the Disney standard?

While not a full-length Disney feature, Hullabaloo boasts a range of experience and talent across the filmmaking board: Animators from the Lion King, Pocahontas, Alladdin and Frozen, as well as voice talent from a range of successful cartoons and an award winning composer. They’ve all come together to make the pitch a reality.

The project comes from the mind of James Lopez, a Disney Animator and filmmaker, who turned to crowdfunding website Indiegogo to alleviate the financial burden.

Hullabaloo is the story of Veronica Daring, a brilliant young scientist who returns home from an elite finishing school to find her father–the eccentric inventor Jonathan Daring–missing without a trace! The only clue left behind points Veronica toward Daring Adventures, an abandoned amusement park used by her father to test his fantastical steam-powered inventions. There she discovers a strange girl named Jules, a fellow inventor who agrees to help Veronica in locating her missing father and discovering the secrets of his work. (James Lopez, Hullabaloo Indiegogo page)

20140815050226-HB_Campaign_graphics_What_isA strong female lead, in a 2D animated feature by veterans of Disney? At face value, the project is enough to make your heart race; and clearly it did for over 5,000 happy backers who helped surpass not only the $80k minimum goal, but a further $160k stretch goal. The project was fully funded in only 6 days, giving hope to fans of 2D animation.

The crew is surely talented at what they do, but how far do those talents extend? Can they really live up to the high standards set by Walt Disney Studios?

The short (or is it a webseries? Or a Television show? Or a Feature? Judging from the Indiegogo pitch video, not even they are fully aware of what form the film will be taking) is written by James Lopez, whose experience at Disney may be extensive, but not once in a credited writing role. His partner, G.D. Falksen, is an experienced novelist, but too possesses no experience or training in screenwriting.


It is still early days, so forsaking the project entirely is far from fair; particularly given the talents of the team attached. With so little certainty about the project however, it seems ridiculous to have already passed off nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Perhaps audiences read the biography, and get caught up in the emotive language. ‘Preserving a dying art’ from an ‘untimely demise’, as Lopez puts it. Perhaps even less optimistically, we simply don’t care for what can actually be done, when what they promise is so exciting.

Whatever the case, Hullabaloo is definitely on its way. We will wait for it patiently, and with every finger crossed that it succeeds.

For more information, see the Hullabaloo Indiegogo page. 

Image Credit: Animatrix Network and Hullabaloo Indiegogo.