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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 16, 2021

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Human Noise Releases Frenetic New Single!

Human Noise Releases Frenetic New Single!
Daniel Parkinson

TCI had the opportunity to speak with Eddie Boyd AKA Human Noise about his explosive debut single ‘How Is It You Do That?’, recording in New Zealand and one-take music videos.

The Sydney native, formerly known by the moniker Boydos, had already achieved success with his debut album It’s Alright, Look At Me I’m Young, and now Eddie is back with a revived energy and new music.

The Creative Issue: ‘How Is It You Do That?’ is an ode to a friend under emotional stress. Could you give us a bit of a back story behind the lyrics?

Eddie Boyd: Yeah, the main focus lyrically is mental health. At the time I wrote it, a friend and I were both going through our own rough patches and I really admired his level headedness throughout that period. It pushed me to work harder on myself and made me wanna sing a song about it.

TCI: This project is a continuation of your past project Boydos. What was the motivation for the title change?

EB: Boydos just never sat quite right with me. I think I really rushed into that name. I never felt fully comfortable putting myself forward as Boydos . I feel much more connected to Human Noise. It feels good to tell people my band name without cringing.

TCI: You recorded ‘How Is It You Do That?’ in NZ with Ben Edwards. How did that collaboration come about?

EB: Yeah Ben is a legend and I’ve worked with him a bunch of times in the past, including on the album I released last year as Boydos: ‘It’s Alright, Look at me I’m Young’. Ben just creates a really encouraging and exciting space to create music in and we always have such a great time recording with him.

TCI: The music video for the single is a frantic one-take affair. How hard was it to get the take right?

EB: Yeah it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing that my girlfriend Annie filmed with her phone while my brother Louis helped her walk backwards without getting hit by a car. In the scheme of things it came together pretty quickly. It was definitely the fastest music video I’ve ever been a part of. We probably took about four takes to get it right. In the early takes the camera was not quite steady enough so when we sped the film up it just looked a bit absurd. It was the editing that truly took a long time. I’d never used proper film editing software and I ended up having to highlight those colour pops frame by frame. I’m sure there’s a much faster way to do it so if anyone’s got any tips hit me up.



TCI: If you had to name your top five artists that inspire your work, who would they be?

EB: Ooo I like this question. At the moment I’d say Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground, Kurt Vile, Amen Dunes, Big Thief, Radiohead (particularly In Rainbows).

TCI: This is the first single under the moniker Human Noise. What is coming up on the horizon?

EB: Well we’re in the final stages of mixing an album so we’ve got a whole bunch of things coming. Very exciting!

TCI: You have a couple of single release shows coming up. With everything that has happened this year with COVID, how excited are you to get back onstage?

EB: Yeah gigs!! So keen! Even just getting back in the rehearsal studio again has been amazing. I feel like a musician again. The band is sounding so good. We’ve been workshopping a lot of extra backing vocals which has been fun. Not gigging for so long has been much harder than I thought it would be. At this point I’d be excited to play a gig to my mum and dad in their lounge room

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