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I Want to Know What Love Is – A Production Inspired By You

I Want to Know What Love Is – A Production Inspired By You

| On 21, Dec 2015

Joyous. Sexy. Heartbreaking.  I Want To Know What Love will take you on a dizzying ride through love’s collision course.

The sold-out surprise hit of Brisbane Festival 2014 pash-smashed its way into Wonderland ready to raise your pulse and pluck your heartstrings one more time. Based on 800 anonymous love stories submitted by you, your friends and your exes, I Want To Know What Love Is throws a spotlight on long-buried memories, bedroom fantasies, crushes and conquests as secret confessions are transformed into magnificent declarations centre stage. I Want To Know What Love Is, is for everyone who has experienced love and heartache.

Directed by Daniel Evans, I Want To Know What Love Is provides the audience with an interesting and often scandalous insight into the world of love. We heard stories about the crushing sadness from heartache, the burning anger caused from infidelity and the feeling of never ending happiness in the honeymoon period. It was apparent by the sniffles, giggles and gasps that the audience connected with the short letters of pure honesty. It is an honesty only found in the anonymity of confession letters.

Whilst I applaud Dan Evans for his commitment to directing shows that push boundaries, I Want To Know What Love Is relied too heavily on the uncomfortable make-out sessions and supply of confetti to shock audience members. The production could have benefited from delving deeper into the world of love. I enjoyed hearing the different snippets from the lives of everyday Australians although I wanted to know what came after the affair, marriage, break-up or death.

The show frequently omitted the gender of the authors to empathise that love is a special experience for both male and female. It was great to not have to watch the actors act out the stereotypical jealous ex girlfriend or the lazy boyfriend. Credit must be given to lighting designer Jason Glenwright and composer Lawrence English who worked together to create an atmosphere that was full of fun and effectively conveyed the range of emotions associated with falling in love. The set by Kieran Swann was beautifully arranged with pink confetti covering majority of the stage. Swann was able to recreate the beauty of love but also show the pure sadness that can also come.

The flaws of the production were easily forgotten in the pure beauty of the show. The lights, music and props reminded me of all the emotions that spur from the world ‘love’. Whether you have just been dumped, cheated on or even asked out, I Want To Know What Love Is provides an entertaining night out, soppy 90’s songs and all.