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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 11, 2020

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If Britney made it through 2007, Solange can make it through 2014

If Britney made it through 2007, Solange can make it through 2014

| On 15, May 2014

Due to the fact Beyonce is yet to put a statement on it, the world is still trying to decipher what the hell happened in that elevator between her younger sister, Solange, and Bey’s baby daddy, Jay Z.

If you have only just awoken from a coma, footage has been leaked of Solange going Chris Brown on Jay in a New York elevator and it has caused quite the ruckus. If you’ve been in a coma for more than five years, you may not get my Chris Brown reference (he punched Rihanna in the face and his hair is blonde now. It’s been a crazy five years).

There are a ridiculous amount of conspiracy theories and cheating allegations surrounding the attack, so I decided to take a different approach and zone in on Solange Knowles, and the pressure that would come with being Beyonce’s little sister. To do this, I asked my own little sister a series of questions to delve into the tormented mind of an overshadowed younger sibling.

Annabel has just turned fifteen, is possibly one of the most cut-throat people I’ve ever met and shares Solange’s struggle of having a fabulous, successful older sister.

How does it feel having a successful older sister who is slightly better looking than you?

Um, I don’t know.

What do you mean you don’t know?  

Because I’m not in that situation.

How does it feel having an older, accomplished sister?

I don’t feel anything. What do you mean?

Do you feel angry or jealous of me as your older sister is what I am trying to say.


But surely you feel some sort of rage that I’m a successful journalist living in the city and you’re not?

You have to pay your own bills and I get shopping money without earning it, so no.

What is your opinion on the Solange/Jay Z/Beyonce elevator crisis?

Why do you need my opinion?

Because I am trying to gain an insight into the mind of Solange Knowles through you. In this situation, I would be Beyonce and you are Solange.

Genevieve, you are not Beyonce. Maybe if you were Beyonce I would be jealous of you but you’re not.

Can you just tell me what it is like being a younger sibling, in your experience?

Good. I honestly don’t even care.

Have you ever felt that Mum and Dad have put more time and effort into me instead of you because I’m older?

No. They would have before I was born but I can’t feel things when I don’t exist.

Why do you think Solange went crazy in the elevator?

Maybe she was jealous because her sister is Beyonce and really successful and she is not. I think everyone wants to be Beyonce, even Beyonce’s sister.

Did you just say that because that’s what you think I wanted to hear?


When was the last time you felt joy?

When I had a Milo just before. What do you mean “joy”? Why are you laughing at me?

So there you have it. Perhaps the attack happened because everyone wants to be Beyonce, even Beyonce’s sister. That interview would have gone a lot smoother and I would have gotten that quote a lot faster if my sister didn’t have the emotional intelligence of a spoon, but that’s family. Sometimes they bash up your husband in an elevator, and sometimes they are annoying little shits when you are trying to interview them for an article, but that’s ok. You love them anyway.

What do you think Jay Z said to Solange to make her react like that?

Maybe he said “Beyonce is better than you”. Which she is. Or maybe he said “Beyonce sucks”.

Do you think Solange will be ok?

She’s pretty rich, so yeah.

It’s been a week since the elevator attack, and last night Beyonce broke her silence by posting throwbacks of her and Solange looking happy together on #instagram. All seems well in Bey’s kingdom. However  I don’t expect Jay will be going to the lift, to the lift, with Solange anytime soon.

Meanwhile, in Kanye’s world…