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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 3, 2020

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In a Hypnotic Trance: Isaac Lomman

In a Hypnotic Trance: Isaac Lomman
Auran Abraham

Bringing a touch of psychological manipulation to Wonderland Festival this year, we recently had a chat with Isaac Lomman about his show Hypnosis[LIVE].

As part of Brisbane Powerhouse’s Wonderland Festival for 2019, Isaac Lomman is presenting his unique and inclusive take on stage hypnotism with his show Hypnosis[Live] for three nights only.

We began the interview by asking what sets Isaac’s form of hypnosis apart from others.

“The focus for my shows is really for people to walk away from the experience and start thinking about how they could perhaps use a trance state in their own life to make it better in some way, shape or form.”

“It’s really about opening up a discussion about people empowering themselves through this state of mind.”

Continuing on, we wondered what audiences can expect from the show.

“Lots of laughter, it’s certainly a comedy show; a very fun, feel-good show. It’ll be their friends, their family, fellow audience members get up on stage and get hypnotised. So, they’ll see them doing some crazy stuff, but it won’t be an X-rated Las Vegas show where people are stripping down naked or spilling secrets and stuff like that.”

“It’s really just a good, fun, family show.”

As a point of clarity, we wondered where the divide between hypnotism and mentalism lies.

“So, Mentalism is a series of magic effects that displayed as mental powers, such as psychic reading, predictions, and mind-reading. Hypnosis is about putting people into a trance state of mind and getting them to do stuff that they would not normally do.”

“So, that’s kind of a clarification between the two.”

Isaac’s hopes for the show and its place within Wonderland Festival 2019.

“I really want to build new audiences up here in Brisbane and connecting with people and giving them the opportunity to see hypnosis in the way that I see it, the way that I view it. Which is perhaps a little bit different from what they might have seen in the past in Hollywood depictions, and give them a better understanding of what the state of mind is because it’s very very misunderstood.”

“I guess it’s about creating new audiences and new experiences for people in Brisbane through the Powerhouse and Wonderland.”

Wondering out aloud, we asked where the inspiration for Isaac’s foray into hypnosis began.

“It actually started with an interest in sales and marketing, and it very quickly grew when I saw hypnosis being applied to people in conquering things like phobias, smoking, weight loss and getting over some bad habits like nail-biting.”

“All of this happens very quickly compared to the traditional model of overcoming phobias for instance, which was like twenty-one days, with therapy every day, and I saw people getting over phobias within twenty minutes. Which is a very different result, and that’s what really gave me this excitement over this state of mind, and just how powerful it can be, or has the potential to be to people.”

“So, that was the real initial bug for me, and really got me loving this state of mind and having a real affinity for it, and then getting on stage was just a matter of showing it to other people and getting them to understand what I have found for myself, through seeing other people do this kind of stuff.”

As well as his inspiration origins for the form of hypnosis used in the show.

“Pretty much right there, it’s that I didn’t want people to be sort of scared of hypnosis, I wanted it to be that people understand what it really is and its value to society, or to humans in general. So, that’s kind of where the different take comes from.”

“Kind of dispelling some of the myths about it and giving people a newer experience.”

We asked if there were any times that something unexpected had happened in previous performances of this or other shows that Isaac had performed.

“Yes, the very nature of a hypnosis show is very unplanned, is very improvised because everyone responds to hypnosis differently. They all have an imagination, so they might take a suggestion that I have used hundreds of times throughout my career and take it in a completely different way.”

“I have to be fairly careful in the crafting of suggestions, like for example if someone is going to be Irish dancing, I need to make sure that they don’t Irish dance right off the edge of the stage. You know, that kind of can very occasionally happen, that’s the main sort of unplanned stuff really.”

“One example of something going in a completely different, there’s one routine where I suggest that when I play certain music, everyone will jump out of their seats and do a hula hoop dance, or they’ll have an imaginary hula hoop and they’ll pick it up and swing it around their body.”

“One guy, when I was performing of a cruise ship, misconstrued the “hula hoop” with doing the helicopter, so he actually started unzipping his fly to “do the helicopter”. Thankfully I got to him in time, but those kinds of unplanned things can occasionally happen, and that’s just an example of misinterpretation and differences in imagination.”

We also noted that in the information about the show, that choice of participation is a major point that needed reiteration.

“No, that’s right. So, volunteers only; everyone has the choice of if they want to be involved or not, and I think that’s really a big part of it is not forcing anyone on stage.”

“Which does a couple of things for me, for one it ensures that I get some willing participants, and I think that people just feel better about that process at the end of the night as well, just knowing that they can see or be the show. Of course, my goal is for everyone to be keen, to give it a shot, but usually the first time around they want to watch it happen.”

We rounded out the interview by enquiring as to Isaac’s plans beyond Wonderland

“Yeah, absolutely. So, Adelaide Fringe is coming up just around the corner, and that’s a big part of my year, I’m from Adelaide myself, so it’s a huge part of my year. Eventually, I want to get to Edinburgh, which is, of course,  the festival of all festivals, or so I’ve heard.”

“As well as continue to do some of the other work that I do with hypnotherapy, one on one coaching sort of stuff and group sessions for like weight-loss and smoking and helping people lead happier lives.”

“Just come down, experience hypnosis and learn the power of the mind that’s inside all of us.”

Where: Visy Theatre|Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington Street,
New Farm QLD 4005
When: Thursday 21 November – Saturday 23 November, 2019
How Much: $30 – $35
Website: Here

Find out more about Isaac Lomman:

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