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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 29, 2021

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What is INFINI

What is INFINI

| On 02, May 2015

Shane Abbess’ Australian Sci-Fi thriller seeks to prove the benefits of online distribution.

Set in the furthest corners space, an elite search and rescue team are dispatched to Infini, Earth’s farthest outpost in the Galaxy, with the goal of recovering the sole survivor of a mysterious and freak accident, Whit Carmichael (Daniel MacPherson). The team must transport into a hostile environment and quarantine a lethal biological weapon, a predatory contagion that turns survivors against eachother, that is set to arrive on Earth within the hour.

Releasing internationally on May 8th, INFINI is the latest project from Australian Writer, Director and Producer Shane Abbess, creator of cult Australian fantasy/horror hit Gabriel.


With the support of Entertainment One, INFINI hopes to find success through simultaneous, online distribution via iTunes, Google Play, and many other digital platforms. The online formula allows instant access for everyone in Australia, at a far more competitive price than your local cinema.

“It’s rare to be given the opportunity to release such a high caliber locally made sci-fi production across digital platforms. The fact that INFINI has been afforded such a high profile release in the US is testament to its production values, and to be able to make the film available the same day as the US release in Australia is exciting, as it gives Australian consumers a legal and affordable option.” -Louise Balletti, Head of Digital at Entertainment One Australia.

INFINI light stare

The online platform has still eluded major distribution companies as a legitimate distribution strategy, however Abbess and Entertainment One are looking to break that ground with INFINI. Rather than a minimal screening, staggered across different locations, INIFNI has the chance to prove that people are more than willing to buy the content they care about, when its affordably priced and easy to access.

Shane Abbess, along with Matthew Graham and select cast and crew, will attend a public cinema screening and Q&A in Sydney on the 7th of May to support INFINI’s public release.

INFINI actors

The film has already garnered excitement and intrigue internationally with its debut at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, and locally at the 2015 Gold Coast Film Festival.

If you wish to show your support for the online film movement, and particularly for your local independent filmmakers, be sure to check out the trailer for INFINI, and be ready to watch at your leisure on May 8th.

To see the latest trailer, click here.

For a scene clip from the movie, click here.

INFINI SetAll Images courtesy of INFINI official marketing material.


What Independent Australian Film, INFINI

When INFINI will be available on Digital from May 8. Platforms are iTunes, Google Play, Foxtel On Demand, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Telstra, Quickflix, Fetch TV and Dendy Direct. Available for iTunes pre-order now

More Information Go to the official website here for more details.