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Innovation Is Key For Di Bella Coffee

Innovation Is Key For Di Bella Coffee

| On 23, Feb 2015

Di Bella is Australia’s largest specialty coffee roaster and with good reason. Their dedication to delivering coffee of a consistently high standard and their constant exploration of the latest trends will see Di Bella retaining that title.

Their philosophy is crop to cup. Di Bella focuses on sourcing high quality, premium raw coffee beans and can source each cup of coffee back to its original crop.


Not only is Di Bella’s crop to cup philosophy beneficial for its consumers, but it is equally beneficial for the farmers. Di Bella works with responsible growers worldwide and offers prices that reflect the quality of their crop. This programme enables farmers to support their community to build skills locally, provide job security and growth opportunities for local workers, uphold ethical practices and encourage sustainable farming.

This focus on ensuring the best product possible is evident throughout Di Bella’s range.

Not only are their traditional blends reliably delicious but their innovative line of products is just as worthy a regular place in every household and cafe.


Di Bella’s Coffee Kick is cold pressed coffee in a can and is available in either black coffee or milk flavoured. The Coffee Kick is made from premium quality, freshly roasted specialty cold brew coffee that delivers the balanced, smooth flavours of espresso.

They are made simply with specialty coffee, filtered water, caramel and brown sugar with the milk flavoured one made smooth with coconut milk.

These products are perfect for Australia’s hot summer days that seem to last throughout the seasons. They are refreshing, light on the stomach as they are lactose, gluten and preservative free and pack a serious caffeine hit with the equivalent of two espresso’s in each can.


Another innovative Di Bella product that all coffee lovers need to keep an eye out for is their espresso martini in a can.

That’s right. A cocktail in a can. And it’s absolutely delicious.

Vodka mixes beautifully with this freshly roasted coffee and with each can having 7% alcohol, these cans will get any party started.

Keep an eye out for these products in your local bottle shop and cafes over the next few months.

Or, if you can’t wait, visit their website to order online.