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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 7, 2020

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Hannah Rieck

The infamous Instagram has stepped it up a notch, with its introduction of video set to challenge Twitter’s Vine App.

Who doesn’t want to see a 15 second selfie? Well maybe not that, but now one can see how the nail art was painted, how the band performed or fashion shoots in progress.

Instagram has gone back to its simple roots, but with the crucial extension: video.

CNet reported that in just 24 hours of release Instagram users had uploaded 5 million clips.

The App offers 13 video filters, from your simple black and white to an array of colour enhancements.

By simply holding down the video camera button (located on the right of the camera button) a 15 second video can be created continuously or in intervals.

Cinema Mode is available for stabilising videos. After creating a video the user can choose a cover image from the video reel.

The video is viewed by simply stopping on the cover image when scrolling through the feed.

Download the new version now!