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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 19, 2021

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Interview: Anjelique from AnjeliqueTV!

Interview: Anjelique from AnjeliqueTV!

| On 28, Jul 2015

From her little corner of the internet, Anjelique from AnjeliqueTV, shares her passion and talent for beauty, DIY, lifestyle and the odd recipe or two. Anjelique uploads a video every Sunday, providing weekly entertainment, comedy and companionship to her growing number of subscribers. Originating from Melbourne, this up and coming beauty mogul, began her journey with a beauty blog and in 2014 ventured onto the Youtube stage, with AnjeliqueTV.

Keep up to date with the comical, enthusiastic and radiant personality that is AnjeliqueTV.

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TCI: What made you want to start a YouTube channel?

Anjelique: I had been watching other beauty vloggers on YouTube for years prior to starting my own channel and it was from that moment that my beauty obsession really began. I was so inspired by these women, it made me want to share my own passion for beauty and hopefully inspire others too. I started off with a blog, but after a few months of blogging I found I was completely comfortable in my niche and so, started a YouTube channel.


TCI: Why did you want to focus on beauty and lifestyle for your channel?

Anjelique: I say ‘beauty and lifestyle’ because it’s easier to categorise, but it’s really a bit of everything! I like to talk about beauty on the inside and out, which is why I not only have a variety of makeup looks/ tutorials but as well as touching on the subjects of feminism and self worth.

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TCI: Why did you choose the name AnjeliqueTV?

Anjelique: There was a bit of going back and forth with names and branding, but for me it made sense to include my actual name in it. I wanted to keep with the theme of beauty and lifestyle, but still acknowledge the vlogging style, which is why I chose to add the ’TV’.

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TCI: Since starting your channel, have you experienced any set backs?

Anjelique: Yes, but very minor! There was a month or so where I didn’t have a computer to film and edit videos or even write blog posts! My laptop had a meltdown and lost all my data, which turned out to be unretrievable!

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TCI: What do you hope to achieve with your channel?

Anjelique: I think most people would say this, but I’m not in it for the gratification. Honestly, I just enjoy creating content and being able to share it with people all over the world and to me, it’s a hobby. There are beauty vloggers similar to me, who are in the millions of subscriber count who have YouTube as their full time job. It all just seems so crazy, almost too crazy of a number to even think about.


TCI: Have you made any connections with other Australian Youtubers?

Anjelique: Yes, I think it’s seriously the best thing about making videos! Getting to meet other content creators and share a passion for the same thing is fabulous. I have made some really great friends so far and I hope to meet more!

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TCI: Who is your favourite beauty YouTuber?

Anjelique: The Pixiwoo sisters and Lisa Eldridge have taught me everything I know about makeup so I think it’s only fair to mention them, but I’m really loving Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeup (UK) at the moment.


TCI: How often do you film?

Anjelique: Depending on how my schedule is, I like to film around once or twice a week. Each video (generally) takes around 4 hours to produce.


TCI: Where did you learn what you know about makeup and videography?

Anjelique: Most of my makeup skills were either self-taught or learned from YouTube. When I was younger I took an interest in makeup and just ran with it. I kept practicing until I got better. In terms of videography, I’m still learning every single time I film. I like to evaluate any previous videos I have done and try to look at it objectively; what worked and what didn’t. I suppose there are some constraints when it comes to filming videos by yourself as there’s only so much you can do with a camera and a tripod.

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TCI: What camera do you use for filming tutorials and do you use a separate camera for vlogging?

Anjelique: For normal sit down videos I use the Canon 1100D which is a Digital SLR. It doesn’t have a flip out screen to help me frame my video so I use a Canon software on my computer that helps me keep everything in frame and focus. I’ve recently purchased a camera for on the go vlogging which is the Sony A5000.


TCI: What advice would you give young girls wanting to start a YouTube channel?

Anjelique: Just do it! I weighed up this decision for the longest time and my biggest regret was that I hadn’t done it sooner. I was always too scared of what people may think and how they would react so I never could fully commit myself to it. With age, you come to realise you don’t actually care what people think and just do what makes you happy. Also, I would say to do it for the right reasons. Don’t start a channel only for the money and fame, you won’t get far.

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TCI: How do you deal with nasty, hate comments if you have ever received any?

Anjelique: At first, you take it personally and think you’ve done something wrong yourself. You come to realise some people are just full of hate and will do or say anything to try and hurt you. It used to really get me down, but now I encourage people to leave me a thumbs down on my video. If that little click of hate makes them feel better then so be it. I always like to think that if someone is ‘hating’ on you, then you must be doing something right, so keep doing it.


TCI: Run through the process of filming a video, from idea to upload.

Anjelique: I have a little book full of video and blog post ideas that I like to jot down notes in. Usually I will pick an idea based on what I created the previous week. I then run through a checklist of everything I will need in my video including any products I may have to go out and purchase. Once I have everything checked off that list I will start on my makeup and hair for the video. If I’m not filming a look for it, I will usually have to go and apply a full face of makeup which is suitable for being on camera and that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour!

I usually change into a nice top with accessories to match and basically focus on presenting anything that will be in frame, which usually means I’m sitting there dolled up and from the waist down I’m wearing comfy clothes. We like to call it the official YouTube uniform!

I also have two studio lights facing me on either side of the camera, which definitely comes in handy for filming in the Winter months or when sunlight is very scarce. After the filming is done, I’ll import all the footage onto my computer to make sure I have everything and didn’t miss any clips while recording. This is usually when I will film my close ups of products too. Editing can honestly take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the style of video. Makeup tutorials are always more difficult to edit because there’s so much to cull and cutaways of products to insert too. Once everything has been edited and I’m happy with the finished product, I will upload it and fill out the description box while I wait.


TCI: Out of all your blog posts and videos you have uploaded, which post or video was your favourite to create?

Anjelique: It’s so hard to choose, it’s like asking a mother to pick their favourite child! I think my most proudest achievement was my 30 Days of June blogging challenge that I undertook last month. Basically, I set myself the task of blogging every single day for the entire month of June. I felt so accomplished when I completed it, but blogging every single day was like a full-time job. It’s something I definitely might consider in the future though.


Anjelique’s YouTube channel can be found here.

Image credits: Images were either sourced from Anjelique’s Instagram page and blog or taken by Anjelique herself, for the purpose of this blogpost.