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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 6, 2020

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Interview: Artist Jessie Bourke

Interview: Artist Jessie Bourke

Recently, Creative Drinks caught up with 21 year old freelance artist,  Jessie Bourke.

She currently studies communication design at Billy Blue in the Valley. She is one of our talented feature artists at our Young at Art event on August 8.


Creative Drinks: Have you seen the poster for the event?

Jessie: Oh that looks awesome!

Creative Drinks: Yeah it does, we’ll get you a copy. Anyway, so how long have you been creating art?

Jessie: Good art or art in general?

Creative Drink:  Your art.

Jessie: I mainly did a lot of drawing, it wasn’t until grade 10 when I was forced to use a paint brush, and I’ve been doing it ever since then.

Creative Drinks: Wow, that’s great! Now you’re using paint brushes, so how many different mediums have you used?

Jessie: I used to use mainly just acrylics, but now it’s just oils. I try to do a bit of mixed media, so (I) do stuff, then scan it in to the computer, then do some digital work over the top and just play around with it.

Creative Drinks: Wow, that sounds great. So you said that you’re studying at Billy Blue in the valley, what do you think of it?

Jessie: Yeah, it’s really good, it’s good to have small class sizes, you get a lot more hands on and the lecturers are really into it. You get a lot out of it and I really enjoy it.

Creative Drinks: So have you heard about Creative Drinks or any of the events before?

Jessie: I haven’t, I’m based on the Gold Coast, so you don’t really hear about any of the Brisbane stuff.

Creative Drinks: Do you have any mentors or influences?

Jessie: A huge one would have to be Anthony Lister, he’s inspired me to branch out from my really refined painting style to use different mediums and think more on a global scale, rather than just art on campus.

Creative Drinks: So, what kind of art does he do?

Jessie: He does graffiti on big brick walls, he did one in the valley, it had to get painted over.

Creative Drinks: Oh wow!

Jessie: Yeah it’s pretty cool.

Creative Drinks: Has Brisbane influenced your art at all in the last couple of years?

Jessie: Definitely at Billy Blue, seeing how everyone else works and being around that environment has influenced my art, you take bits of inspirations from everyone’s little talents in your classroom and combine them which has definitely been an inspiration. So yeah, it’s great.

Creative Drinks: Do you think the creative industry in Brisbane nurtures home grown talent?

Jessie: I think the creative industry in Brisbane is very small, and I think that as it grows it will definitely nurture a lot more, but as it is at the moment there is not too much from what I’ve found. But, this is definitely a great opportunity, and I think there needs to be more things like this.

Creative Drinks: What type of things would you like to see in the future?

Jessie: Definitely a lot more art supported on the streets, like make it more of a cultural thing. The Valley is cool, but you get to the city and its sort of gone.

Creative Drinks: It’s very commercial.

Jessie: Kind of expand it a lot more.

Creative Drinks: That’s what we’re all about. So why do you create art, what are your motivations for doing it and do you want a career out it?

Jessie: Ideally, I’ve never really created art for anyone else but myself, so I’ve never really done commercial stuff, so if you like it you like it. It’s really cool coming to Brisbane, people actually appreciate what I do. I definitely would like to focus on my design stuff, and keep exploring my art more and hopefully one day combine the two and see what happens.

Creative Drinks: What would you like to get out of the Creative Drinks event, where would you like to go from there?

Jessie: Definitely get myself out there a bit. Because I’ve been studying, I haven’t really had the chance to expose myself to that culture as well as have people exposed to my art as well. It would be a good opportunity for me to do that.


What? Young At Art, Hosted by Creative Drinks

When? 6pm, 8 August 2013

Where? Fringe Bar, Fortitude Valley

How much? $15 online

More info? Buy tickets online