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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 20, 2021

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Interview: Artist Theresa Avery

Interview: Artist Theresa Avery

| On 04, Aug 2013

Artist Teresa AveryMeet artist Theresa Avery, one of our talented feature artists at Young at Art on August 8.

Creative Drinks: Teresa, tell (us) a bit about yourself?

Theresa: I am originally a Kiwi. I moved to Adelaide when I was little, I’ve only been in Brisbane a few years… I’m a student at Billy Blue studying Communication Design and I’ve applied in visual arts and things like that.

Creative Drinks: What sort of stuff do you do in that field?

Theresa: I draw. I do a lot of illustration. Photography is my main thing, sort of abstract, a little bit weird and strange. I like the dark, working with the bulb setting and being creative with that.

Creative Drinks: Obviously you’re studying but are you mostly self-taught?

Theresa: Yeah, I’ve been creative since I was little, a little kid. So I really haven’t stopped drawing. I prefer to draw to talk, instead of read or write.

Creative Drinks: What sort of stuff inspires you?

Theresa: I’m dyslexic so my brain runs in very different tangents to most people. So a lot of it is subconscious and it just pops into my head. Watching Doctor Who, I like sci-fi and things like that. But I also like the delicate fairies and strange creatures and that sort of thing.

Creative Drinks: What’s the end goal?

Theresa: The end goal would be to work in a graphic design firm and pursue my art on the side. And hopefully find an illustration job.

Creative Drinks: Will you be able to stay in Brisbane?

Theresa: Definitely. It’s seems like graphic design in Brisbane is taking off at the moment and so is the art industry and that’s primarily why I moved up here.

Creative Drinks: Why did you want to be involved in Creative Drinks specifically?

Theresa: Specifically, it’s a good way to meet people in the industry and be a part of that sort of thing. And get some critiques so that I can learn and go “Ok, that demographic didn’t like that, how can I change it?’ Or if this illustrator comes up and say “I like that, but you could do this or try this…” Just to learn and be a part of the industry.

Creative Drinks: When you are drawing, is there a meaning or is it just a feeling?

Theresa: It’s more of a feeling. It’s more how I emote. I’m not very good with words, so I’m sure you could read a lot in (my drawings).

Creative Drinks: Obviously you’re inspired by Doctor Who. Are you inspired by other areas of pop culture?

Theresa: I do get a lot of inspiration, even if it’s not directly about that sort of thing, it will spark something else in my head and I’ll bounce from tangent to tangent. Its a very squiggly line, creativity. It’s not a straight line.


What? Young At Art, Hosted by Creative Drinks

When? 6pm, 8 August 2013

Where? Fringe Bar, Fortitude Valley

How much? $15 online

More info? Buy tickets online