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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 1, 2020

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Interview with Beauty Pageant Contestant Raquel Garach!

Interview with Beauty Pageant Contestant Raquel Garach!

| On 02, Aug 2015

Ever wondered what it takes to compete in a beauty pageant? Ever wanted to get to know the glamorous stars behind the pageants?

Raquel Danielle Garach is a role model, inspiration and a unique beauty that has taken over the beauty pageant scene, here in Melbourne. At the young age of 20, Raquel has participated in four beauty pageants across the country.

The Creative Issue: What made you want to start performing in beauty pageants?

Raquel: I entered my first beauty pageant when I was 13, it was my high schools pageant and I think from then I knew I wanted to keep doing them. I didn’t compete in my next one till I was 17 and after that I just kept entering them. I think its just the feeling I get when I’m up there the rush of the nerves and the fun you have, its incredible.

TCI: How many have you participated in?

Raquel: I have competed in 4 pageants, Miss teen Australia, Miss Universe Australia, Miss Galaxy Australia and Miss tourism Australia. My next one I will be competing in is Miss Earth Australia which I am really excited to take part in.


TCI: What is the most rewarding thing about being a contestant in a beauty pageant?

Raquel: It would have to be that most beauty pageants give you the opportunity to help those in need by doing fundraising activities. Most people think pageants are just about looks but its more than that, you work together and make a difference. Most girls I have met in pageants are passionate about making a difference and supporting causes that mean a lot to them. I have raised funds for Make a Wish Foundation and The Butterfly Foundation. I honestly feel it’s a great way to make a difference in the community and to possibly get others to want to help out too.


TCI: What is your favourite part of the pageant?

Raquel: My favourite part of pageants are the confidence and friendships you gain. It definitely opens up a side of yourself you never knew you had and the amount of confidence you gain by getting up there, I don’t think I could be doing anything else. There are also media opportunities available when you are a national finalist I have had radio interviews and media site interviews it’s a great opportunity to get yourself out there.


TCI: What has been your biggest achievement?

Raquel: My biggest achievement is getting through as far as I have in pageants. So many people enter them, making it as a national finalist in some is amazing. I am so proud of myself and don’t think I could do it without the support I have from my friends and family.

TCI: How do you prepare for a pageant and how often do you compete?

Raquel: I try to go to the gym and eat healthy when it comes close to pageants, it’s not always successful, but I do my best. I have gone to The Australian Pageant Academy which is run by the director of Miss Universe Australia. I definitely learnt a lot from it and I feel it has given me a great insight to improve in pageants. We had runway lessons, health and fitness, beauty and hair, public speaking as well as a beauty consultation. Dress shopping is always fun a bit expensive but you have to find the right dress to match you personality and features. Being not the tallest in the industry I have to stand out from the rest so I have to have everything perfect from the shoes to the dress, nails, hair and make up.

TCI: Do you ever get nervous before performing?

Raquel: Oh yes, definitely I will be calm right up until I’m waiting in line to get up on stage. The first time I walk down that runway my nerves kick in and I am so nervous but all I can do is smile. By the next time I am on that runway the nerves have gone and its so much fun you want the runway to go on forever. When you are on the stage the spotlight is on you and no one else so you have to own it.

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TCI: What advice would you give young girls wanting to start performing in beauty pageants?

Raquel: I would definitely say go for it there are so many pageants in Australia. You will gain friendships and a great amount of confidence. Don’t let your flaws stop you from wanting to compete, I am not the perfect model height and I don’t let it stop me. Sometimes it gets me down but I look at my goals and keep going. I want to be able to prove that there is a spot in this industry for shorter girls. I am not going to stop till I get there. You need to have that drive if you want it, work really hard for it and you will get there. You might not get there the first time round, I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Follow your dreams and don’t let others put you down.


TCI: Run through the pageant, what happens from the beginning to end?

Raquel: Every pageants run through is different, I will just do the most common one which is the run through for Miss Universe. We walk out in a cocktail dress and introduce ourselves to the judges and audience this is the first time everyone will see you but this section isn’t judged. After this the contestants come out in swimwear, this is the first round we get judged. The next round is evening wear where the contesants get to show off our beautiful dresses. After everyone has gone out we come out for question and answer. This is where the nerves really start to kick in, because you have no idea what you are going to be asked and have to answer it on the spot. I definitely get really nervous in this section, most times when you get off stage you wish you could’ve answered it differently but you just have to go with what you said because it cant be changed. After the scores have been tallied all the contestants come on stage and the finalists get called. The show goes really fast and before you know it, it’s over and you want do it all again.





Image credits: All images sourced from Raquel’s Facebook page