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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 23, 2022

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Interview: Designed For Life

Interview: Designed For Life

| On 08, Mar 2015

When it comes to design, bloggers always seem to have their finger on the pulse. Melbourne based Myrline Delva, curator and author of Designed For Life, is certainly no exception to this rule. Established in 2010, Designed For Life aims to inspire creativity around the world, with Myrline’s talented eye searching out only the best content to post on her website.

Not only is she an outstanding curator, but Myrline’s DIY page is what keeps her readers coming back for more. As someone always on the lookout for inexpensive and easy ways to upgrade my home, I had a chat to Myrline about her process, the inspiration behind her blog, and what the future holds for Designed For Life.

Designed For Life portraitCreative Drinks: When did your passion for design start?
M: I have always been interested in design. After briefly studying fashion, my interest veered towards home design and I’ve never looked back!

CD: Why did you decide to start blogging?
M: I love the idea of documenting what inspires me. Designed For Life is my creative outlet, a place where I share good (as subjective as it is) design, my growing knowledge, tips and ideas in a fun and accessible way.

CD: Where do you see Designed For Life going in the next couple of years?
M: DFL has become an extension of my creative life; it’s a compilation of all the things that I really enjoy like photography, design, all things home, and a touch of real life thrown in for good measure. To have the opportunity to turn blogging into a full time job, I think, would be incredible.

CD: What are your ultimate career aspirations?
M: Everyone wants to do what they love, and love what they do. I’ve been lucky enough to find out what that “thing” is quite early. To turn Designed For Life into a design company and see my creative visions become reality would be a dream come true.

CD: What’s your favourite DIY project that you’ve undertaken?
M: Posting and sharing DIY’s are my favourite and the most popular type of content on DFL. My favourite (so far!) would have to be the Watercolour Mugs – they’re just so easy to make and the results are infinite!

CD: What’s your favourite part of your current house?
M: My bedroom – the place where I can truly unwind mentally and creatively.

CD: Describe your style in 10 words or less.
M: Modern vintage with clean contemporary details.

DIY img

CD: Pastels or metallics?
M: Muted pastels.

CD: Neutrals or colours?
M: That’s a tough one! Neutral walls with coloured accents.

CD: House or apartment?
M: A house.

CD: New or vintage?
M: Personally, I think a home should incorporate both.

CD: Clean or kitschy?
M: Clean.

Some of our favourite DIYs from Designed For Life include DIY Coffee Dye and this Tissue Paper Watercolour Mug.

Image Credit: Designed For Life, Armelle Habib