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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 2, 2020

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Interview: Elle Wills

Interview: Elle Wills

| On 01, Dec 2013

There’s the old saying ‘a photograph is worth a thousand words’ but what do they say when it can be done by pencil!

Elle Wills isn’t just creating a story with these drawings but doing it with a skill set only few can achieve.

With no formal training in sketching or photography, Elle possesses that natural talent many can only dream of.


Elle has created her own niche market with these lifelike sketches, that have already been exhibited last September at the RAW showcase in Brisbane.

Speaking with her recently on the sketches and passion she has for them, this is what she had to say.

CD: Starting with the most obvious question, how do you make your sketches so life like?

EW: I try to pay close attention to the small details, the way the light reflects off a surface or the depth behind shadows, I find the little details are what brings a piece to life when its finished.

CD: What inspired you to sketch those (photo like) images?

EW: I’ve always admired photorealistic artists and strived to achieve similar results. I wouldn’t say I’m there yet though, I’m still learning and practicing.

CD: With the detail being so accurate, do you use a photo to work from or are they in person sketches?

EW: I use a photograph on my phone and copy straight off that. It is a great tool as you can zoom in and focus on one area at a time, which means you have to rely on the details as you’re not even seeing the whole image.

CD: Do you aim to create sketches that look like a photograph or does it just seem to come out that way?

EW: Yes, most of the time, especially if I’m working straight off a photograph. I like the idea of creating something that appears to be something else at first glance.

CD: Do you have any background knowledge in photography that helps?

EW: No I know very little about photography as an art, but I can look at a photo and know whether it will translate to a drawing well by the light and shadows, because they help to add dimension to a drawing thus making it more realistic.

CD: What work influenced you to start sketching imagines like these?

EW: I was inspired by so many great artists, not solely pencil art but a lot of oil work and their incredible talent to make lifelike images from whatever medium they use.

You can purchase Elle’s sketches on her Facebook page, as well as visit her Instagram: elle_wills.