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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 28, 2020

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Interview: Fashion blogger Elle-may Leckenby

Interview: Fashion blogger Elle-may Leckenby

| On 04, Dec 2013

Fashion Blogging is a passion in its own right, but Elle-may Leckenby has transformed it into so much more!

Not only a business but a canvas to showcase her skills with a camera.

If it’s not enough just taking the photographs, she also models herself in many of the photos.

Here are some of Elle-may Leckenby’s skills on show with the camera.


Elle was forced to take the avenue she has, after never really finding another photographer with the same particular style that she has.


Elle has recently opened her own online store through the success and popularity she has gotten from the blog, as well being awarded a finalist position in the Wish Style Challenge. I Spoke with Elle on her photography career.

CD: As a fashion blogger, have you always used your photography skills throughout your blog?

EL: Not entirely, I used to shoot all the time on automatic settings before I knew about cameras. I would also get other people to take them.

CD: Did you study photography before starting the fashion blog, or did you just gain experience whilst running the blog?

EL: I started it while I was still in school. I always would take photos but just with the same automatic setting, as I studied photography my blog felt like it had more potential because I felt as though there was finally more opportunity for it to get better (visually).

CD: I noticed that you model the clothes in most of the photos, do you have a hand in the photography as well?

EL: Yes, if someone else is taking the image, I will still govern the shot in terms of location/camera settings. However most of the time I take the images myself.

CD: Do you send the photos off to an editor or do you edit them yourself?

EL: I edit them myself. I usually only use Adobe Lightroom, sometimes Photoshop, but rarely for my blog images.

CD: What kind of equipment do you use? (e.g. Camera, Lenses, tripod)

EL: I use a Nikon D800 body & mainly 50mm fixed lens, and also a tripod.

CD: What influenced you to do your own photography on your fashion blog?

EL: I never really had a choice to do it any other way, I started of with Flickr at 15 years-old and loved taking my own photographs. I’ve never really trusted/liked how other photographers photograph me. I’ve never met another photographer with a similar style or same expectations for images.

CD: What aspirations do you have when it comes to furthering your photography skills?

EL: I want to improve on my lighting skills and be more strategic with lighting/bouncing the light to make the images more flattering. I think I rely on editing too much now. I’d rather get better at making everything perfect in raw camera form.

To see more of Elle-may’s work you can visit her on Tumblr at: and Instagram: ellemayleckenby