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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 13, 2020

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Interview: Francesca Guterres of Opinionslave

Interview: Francesca Guterres of Opinionslave

| On 20, Apr 2015

As of late we have been interviewing an array of bloggers to hear their success stories of making it within the competitive blogging world. Francesca (Fran) of Opinionslave is our latest blogging obsession.

Fran is the mind and model behind her blog Opinionslave which has been making waves within the industry with her outfit and styling tip posts. With a background in advertising, Fran stands apart from other fashion bloggers. She likes to nerd out and watch documentaries – anything scientific, but mostly she creates some really awesome posts, which cause some serious outfit envy. We chat to Fran about her success and the future of blogging.


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Creative Issue: How did you begin Opinionslave?
Fran: I created Opinionslave five years ago as simply a self-expression hub to document my fashion interests and purchases. Since then its obviously grown quite a bit, which I still can’t believe.

CI: What are you main influences and inspirations for your blog?
F: I’ve never had one particular idol or influence who drives me to do what I do. I generally take inspiration from the people around me.

CI: What is your favourite part of blogging? 
F: Definitely meeting new people and working with brands.

CI: What tips do you have for new bloggers to develop their brand?
F: My best advice to new bloggers is to do it for self-expression, not for the recognition.

CI: What is your prediction of the future of blogging?
F: Blogging has already somewhat turned into native advertising. A blog’s integrity and perception of ”loyal readership’ is what marketers find so attractive, so the future of blogging is somewhat turning into a lucrative business, if you have a large following/influence. The rise of social media has given everyone a voice, even those who may not be qualified to have one.

CI: What are you future plans for Opinionslave? 
F: I have something in the wood-works that I wish I could tell you right now, but I can’t yet, so watch this space.


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With that being said, definitely keep an eye out for Opinionslave, and what Fran will be up to in the future.

Image Credits: Opinionslave