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Interview: Goodness Gracious Cafe

Interview: Goodness Gracious Cafe

| On 22, Feb 2015

The gratification of finding a perfect new breakfast destination is an unrivalled feeling, albeit all too rare.

Goodness Gracious cafe in Graceville had me thanking goodness after my recent visit. I wasn’t just thanking goodness – I was really excited.

Photo 7-02-2015 10 21 05 am

I loved my Goodness Gracious experience. The cafe occupies an old Queenslander typical to the area, and seating spills out onto a charming hedge-enclosed courtyard.

The friendly staff were very understanding of my fussy ordering habit. They were happy to swap anything around, a request which is typically served with a $5 fee and an eye roll at most cafes. I chose the green eggs and ham served with a rosti and a delicious pea  and swapped the ham for salmon.

Photo 7-02-2015 10 45 00 am

The smoothies included a silky chocolate rendition, stawberries and cream and a banoffee pie. I also tried their cold drip coffee which was expertly brewed on coconut water.

Photo 7-02-2015 10 36 22 am

I was already thrilled with my Goodness Gracious experience. However, my appreciation dramatically exploded when I spoke to the owner, Olivia:

CD: Tell me a bit about Goodness Gracious.

Olivia: Goodness Gracious is about the local community coming together and using a space. We want to be all about helping out those with dietary requirements by trying to be gluten free and dairy free as much as possible. The whole menu is actually gluten free and dairy free, except a few little things you can substitute.  We also make our own gluten free bread in house. Instead of jumping on the diet fads, we decided to focus on healthy choices. With Queensland being such a healthy state and we all love the outdoors, I wanted to jump on board with all of that.”

CD: What is special about Goodness Gracious?

Olivia: We believe in supporting Australian farmers so we go to the Rocklea markets twice a week to buy fresh produce. We get as local produce as possible. It is important to us to not add any preservatives in our food. It is also really easy for us to adapt to any special dietary requirements.

CD: What food do you make in-house?

Olivia: We’ve got our own dairy free ice cream which is made out of tofu at the moment, we make our own gluten free bread, wraps, relishes, macadamia cheese and more.

CD: What is your favourite menu item right now?

Olivia: That’s a hard one. Our menu just changed, but I would have to say the spiced chickpeas.

If you have a food allergy, enjoy noshing on local produce, or if you’re just plain fussy, head to Goodness Gracious – they’ll look after you.


What Goodness Gracious Cafe

When  Tue-Sun, 7am-4pm

Where 250 Oxley Road, Graceville

Contact 3162 9092

Image credits: Images within story taken by author, feature image Brisbane Times