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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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| On 11, Nov 2015

Ever been in awe by something you’ve eaten? You just can’t understand how something could be so delicious? If you’re searching for that feeling, then you need to wrap your mouth around one of Harry’s vanilla slices from his institutional local venue, Jahdomes Bakery Cafe.


Jahdomes was recently nominated one of five ‘must try treats’ in the city of Whittlesea. Harry Dehghani, the owner and pastry chef, rolls into the café at 1.30am every morning to prepare and create the delicious treats that leave Mill Park drooling.

“Whatever I do, I do from my heart, and that’s why I think everyone can understand that.”

The creamy custard oozing out of its base, held together by a thin layer of pastry, is just the kind of treat you need. Jahdomes, the name that sounds French, was created by the owner when the original name just didn’t sound right.

“Jahdomes doesn’t actually mean anything. I changed a few letters around and it ended up sounding good. I bake everything in a French way.”

As creative as he was with the name, Harry is even better with the sweets. As well as that indulgent and enticing goodness of their vanilla slice, there are more sweets served daily in the café including classics like sticky date pudding and passion fruit cheesecake, and the famous and unique Donut Cake.



“Everything is made fresh here. The custard, the pastries, its all a different recipe to everyone else’s. We also don’t rollover stock to the next day, it’s fresh every day meaning everyone gets to experience beautiful fresh baking.”

With the help of his wife, Helen, Harry has built an unforgettable café that keeps expanding- word of mouth goes a long way, and in Harry’s case it’s the vanilla slice that keeps customers talking.

As well as the stunning sweet treats, Jahdomes offers a great  breakfast and lunch menu, filled with offerings that Harry describes as “from the heart”.

WHERE: 42B Stables Shopping Centre, Childs Road, Mill Park