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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 19, 2021

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Interview: Liz Riches Of SODA & Co

Interview: Liz Riches Of SODA & Co

| On 24, Jan 2015

Good makeup application is nothing without a good skin care regime. Luckily we’ve found SODA & Co, a Melbourne based beauty and skincare business making a whole bunch of all natural goodies in a variety of amazing scents.

We caught up with Liz Riches who is behind all the great things happening at SODA & Co, and also got a few beauty tips and tricks from the expert herself!



Creative Drinks: How did SODA & Co start and where did the idea to do skincare come about? 

Liz Riches: We have just celebrated our first birthday this month which is very exciting, however SODA & Co has long been in our hearts and minds. As an avid beauty lover and mother of two daughters with allergies and sensitive skin, I am constantly looking at the back of all products and their ingredients and I was genuinely shocked at not only what the products contained but how much we are consuming them on a daily basis. Finding a brand that was not only bright, colorful, fun, natural and good for you whilst smelling amazing was nearly impossible so quite simply but passionately I created my own. I wanted to get back to basics, skin and beauty routines should be enjoyable, fun, and a happy experience but definitely not bad for you. 


CD: How would you describe SODA & Co, and how do you picture the typical SODA & Co user?

LR: SODA & Co is a fun, fresh and vibrant natural skincare company that uses only the finest, natural ingredients which are cruelty free. At SODA & Co colour is everything. We believe that being natural doesn’t have to be bland or boring.

We would see the typical SODA & Co user as someone who is conscious of what they are putting on their skin. They are also passionate about eliminating harsh chemicals from their beauty and skincare routines and empowered to do so in a fun, upbeat and positive way.


CD: Being all natural and not testing on animals is something you must pride yourself on. Do you feel that this is something that sets you apart?

LR: Being natural and cruelty free is absolutely something we pride ourselves on and its part of the ethos which forms the foundation of SODA & Co.

There are many brands on the market (some of them household names) which have been able to create the image of being ‘natural’ yet still shockingly use ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, parabens and petrochemicals, we never want to be like that. From the outset honesty has been critical – as has the need for genuine, high quality natural ingredients.



CD: There can be a lot of non believers out there when it comes to natural products being better for you, how do you tackle an industry that’s so invested in beauty through chemicals?

LR: The disappointing truth is that many consumers are being misguided about what is important for their skin. It was never our intention to confront the industry, we just wanted to provide an effective natural alternative to the chemical filled products that flood the market.


CD: Most people with sensitive skin would be able to use your products due to how natural they are, but which products do you recommend for certain skin types?

LR: SODA & Co body products are formulated to be suitable for all skin types. As we use only the finest natural ingredients our products are gentle enough for everyday use.


CD: You’re based out of Melbourne, do you find skincare ranges are untapped locally, and have you been able to use this to your advantage?

LR: We are an Australian company that is based in Melbourne and very proud of that. We are fortunate that we live in a great city with excellent resources at our door step. The real advantage of being Australian Made is that Australian products are recognised for their quality the world over.




CD: You’re in the skincare business so it kind of feels like you have the inside track– what are your beauty essentials?

LR: I like to keep it quite simple when it comes to my skin and body routine. I cleanse, tone and moisturise my face morning and night and also exfoliate with our gentle body scrubs daily. I believe that the more simple, natural and gentle the skin care regime is the better off your skin will be. I also cannot stress enough how important keeping hydrated, getting enough sleep, exercising and a clean healthy diet is.


CD: The SODA & Co products range from hands, to lips to body – what can we expect from SODA & Co over the next year?

LR: There are many exciting things happening for SODA & Co in the coming year. We are very excited to introduce many new products and new fresh flavours to our ever expanding range. We are currently receiving a great deal of interest from the US, so we will also be focused on launching and establishing ourselves there. 


CD: So you guys are the experts – what are some quick tips you can give us for skincare?

LR: I think quite simply your skin and beauty care routines shouldn’t have to be complicated. Be conscious of what you are putting on your skin religiously every day. Your skincare should not only make you look and feel good, it should actually be good for you.

For more information head on over to the Soda & Co website.


Image Credits: Soda & Co