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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 28, 2021

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Interview with Lou Kendall and Heidi Bailey

Interview with Lou Kendall and Heidi Bailey

| On 02, Aug 2015

From humble beginnings seven years ago, LOUENHIDE created by Lou Kendall and Heidi Bailey emerged into the fashion industry to become one of Australia’s favourite accessories brands.

The ever-growing brand is recognised through their range of signature handbags classically designed for the fashionable modern day woman of all ages and budgets. LOUENHIDE became known for its handbags but has more recently grown to encapsulate garments, shoes, hats, bags, clutches and jewellery.

The LOUENHIDE ladies are committed to designing for the wants and needs of all women. Their eccentric range highlights the elegant and sophisticated minds of the designers as they strive to bring style into everyday life.The signature bright, bold colour schemes of the LOUENHIDE designs are featured on fabrics and materials that will be showcased at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival this year.

It is their dedication and commitment to their designs that has allowed them to thrive in the industry and now become one of Brisbane’s elite retailers to showcase their work at the 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. As it is their first time in the festival the excitement in their voices remained consistent. I sat down with Lou Kendall and Heidi Bailey, to talk about the upcoming show.



The Creative Issue: What products will you be showcasing on the runway in MBFF?

Heidi Bailey: We will be showcasing the fashion (dresses, tops and pants) of our Spring/Summer collection plus handbags and jewellery and shoes.

Lou Kendall: Our favourite piece in the show is probably our Minki dress. So it pulls in around the waist making it quite flattering. In all of what we do we are defiantly going for very fun, great outfits but they still have to work. We are defiantly sticking to bright, bold colours especially in our handbag range. We are actually sticking to one clutch throughout the entire show, just varying the colours that are used


TCI: It was said that designers Lee Matthews and Easton Pearson caught your eye at the festival last year, are you looking forward to any particular designers this year? 

Heidi: I like Ginger and Smart so defiantly looking forward to seeing them on the runway.


TCI: In what way is your work uniquely different from other designers? 

Lou: Well I think that we will be one of the only people their showing the lot, where we have the shoe and the bag and the jewellery. I think really at the end of the day we have the whole lot which is uniquely different to many of the others.

Heidi: When we started the business 8 years ago we were known mainly for colour, so one of our biggest driving factors is colour. So in our collection we are defiantly doing that this year. The other thing with the clothing and the handbags is that they are all timeless pieces, well structured and classic.



TCI: Is there are particular age bracket that your brand is designed towards? 

Heidi: We are appealing to a broad market but I would say the majority would be around 25 plus, however saying that we are getting lower. The younger market is starting to come in and enjoy some of our more fashion forward designs.


TCI: How would you describe your own personal style?

Heidi: I feel that designing ranges with colour is my chance of using colour as I don’t often use it in my personal style. Also starting the business with the colourful handbag 8 years ago we were generally neatly dressed so our colour element came from the statement piece bag.

Lou: I think that Heidi is a lot more tribal then I am where I’m more classic. My style in terms of colour would be bold, bright pants. We found that when we started that people found it much easier to put the bright pink handbag on their arm then to wear the hot pink shirt or skirt.



TCI: Do you have any particular style icons?

Heidi: Im a Rachel Zoe fan myself, she does some amazing designs that I think are very classic but she’s also just having a but of a crack and producing some really great things.

Lou: I’ll come from left field here and say that I love seeing what Gwen Stafani wears. I mean it’s just so different and out there. Also Sarah Jessica Parker, but I’m not going to wear what they wear, I find it so interesting. Anna Wintour for me also, I’m fascinated to see what she wears on a daily basis doing what she does.


TCI: Do you have a particular routine to get your creativity flowing?

Lou: Probably our most favourite thing to do once a week would be just getting outside and taking in all the different styles. So often we go to Hong Kong, the best day we have, and because there are so many people, if you just go and sit and watch and walk around it and see how people are putting it together, I am just really inspired by other people.


TCI: Do you tend to stray away and creative your own trends or stick to them?

Heidi: I think we stray away. We don’t really want to be dictated to by what everyone is doing. We don’t love going into the shopping malls and seeing that everyone is doing the same things, so we really try to shut our eyes and stick to what we want to do. So we have formed everything along the way through our own styling instincts and confidence.

TCI: Coffee or Tea?

Heidi: Coffee
Lou: Coffee

TCI: Wine or Cocktails?

Heidi: Cocktails
Lou: Wine

TCI: Theatre or Movie?

Heidi: Movie
Lou: Movie

TCI: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Heidi: Vanilla
Lou: Chocolate

TCI: Beach or Mountains?

Heidi: Beach
Lou: Beach

TCI: Skirt or Pants?

Heidi: Pants
Lou: Pants

TCI: Sweet or Savoury?

Heidi: Sweet
Lou: Savoury

TCI: Summer or Winter?

Heidi: Summer
Lou: Winter

TCI: New York or Paris?

Heidi: Paris
Lou: New York

TCI: Pen or Pencil?

Heidi: Pencil
Lou: Pen


For more information visit the LOUENHIDE website
To book your tickets to MBFF Brisbane click here.