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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 28, 2022

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Interview: Mrs B jewellery

Interview: Mrs B jewellery

| On 17, May 2015

Mrs B, a brand launched in 2011 by the inspiring and creative mind of Simone Bennett, is one of Brisbane’s shining stars- we chat with her about her stunning collection of designer jewellery.

Her jewellery is known and loved throughout Brisbane, as her sophisticated yet simple designs become increasingly more popular everyday. As she spoke about her love of jewellery and design the delicate chains cascading down her front sparkled when hit by the sun seeping through the window furthermore emphasizing the true beauty of her charms. A long line of colour burst from behind her as I examined glamorously simple bangles and rings nestled in a loving and tranquil environment.

There is something for every girl out there, enticing the young to feel sophisticated and beautiful and the older to feel youthful and adventurous. In her own words Simone asserted that she has no real target market in terms of age instead focusing more on the women that “appreciate the finer things in life and those that know it doesn’t have to come from nine carrot gold or diamonds”.



TCI: Mrs B has really taken off and it’s a beautiful concept, what was your inspiration behind its creation?

Simone Bennett: It was in 2011 with the introduction of finer jewellery that you could either buy products that were incredibly expensive say $2000 or you could go and get cheaper jewellery that would never last as long. I just found that there was no where I could go to purchase jewellery for say $100 or $200, really good quality jewellery, which could last the distance. I got to a point that I wanted good quality jewellery at the right price and I just couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked it up and there was no one out there doing on-trend, good quality, semi-precious jewellery, that’s when I decided to create my own line.

TCI: Do you design the jewellery yourself?

Simone Bennett: Yes I do. I draw inspiration from rings and earrings on famous individuals, say Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston. However having said that I go through various samples of differing designs from my own creations through which I have to determine the final option, so it’s a long process.



TCI: You seem to always have new designs and styles in store, how often do you receive new jewellery?

Simone Bennett: I would say around 5-10 times a year. So far this year I have had three drops already and in the next 2-3 months I have about four drops coming.

TCI: Your designs are so beautiful and elegant, where do you get your inspiration?

Simone Bennett: It’s through travel and being out talking to friends. When I’m in the zone I get inspiration from everywhere. I would walk into a hippie shop and see a women wearing an amazing piece around her neck and then try and work out how to make it look beautiful in my style, just trying to fine tune things all the time.



















TCI: You often interact with customers face-to-face, do you find this beneficial for your brand?

Simone Bennett: I find it really beneficial and it gives my business some edge. I mean being online is great but I think people really do like to come and try things on because they want to touch and feel the jewellery. I know that obviously the younger market is used to online shopping but they still love to come see the products for themselves. There is still a real market for good old-fashioned service because whenever anyone makes a purchase I make sure they know if they aren’t totally happy I give a 100% satisfaction guarantee and that’s what I think is my point of difference.


TCI: How would you describe your brand?

Simone Bennett: Quality and simple elegance.



Throughout the interview Simone Bennett never lost her smile as she passionately spoke of her inspirations and her love of creating new designs. Her generous and caring personality is portrayed in the high quality, beautiful jewellery that she designs.

All girls and women out there should definitely scroll through Mrs B’s website and if you have any inquires email Mrs B at

Also follow Mrs B on Instagram and like her Facebook page to keep up with the current trends and styles for this season.