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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 6, 2020

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Interview: Musician Candice Long

Interview: Musician Candice Long

| On 07, Aug 2013

Meet musician Candice Long, one of our talented feature artists at Young at Art on August 8.

Creative Drinks: Have you been creating and recording for very long?

Candice:  I started singing when I was 7, and I’ve been recording probably all of my life, but it was just demos when I was a kid. I seriously got into it 8 or 9 years ago, recording and that kind of thing.

Creative Drinks: Is there a particular style that you prefer?

Candice: I have a love of a few different styles, I kind of started in country so I always tend to go back there, and I really love pop and folk as well, so I kind of mesh the three together.

Creative Drinks: Do you mix mediums with what you do with your art?

Candice: I’ve made a couple of video clips, and that kind of thing and I song write as well as perform covers. I think music is mostly the thing that I concentrate on.

Creative Drinks: Who are your main mentors around Brisbane that you’ve studied under that have really pushed you?

Candice: My dad is probably the biggest one, because he was a professional musician, and he took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of the music industry from his perspective. So he was probably my first mentor. I’ve had people that I’ve worked along side of, there was a studio called Hammond Silver that took me under their wing for a long time, and did my recordings for free and kind of mentored me that way. That was cool. I think there has been too many to name probably.

Creative Drinks: How about influences, are there any artists out there that you love and take on board when you are creating?

Candice: I think Brooke Fraser is probably the biggest one for me, and then I have a secret closet Taylor Swift love. You can’t help it.

Creative Drinks: Has Brisbane influenced your art and what you’ve been creating?

Candice: Probably the people in Brisbane definitely have, and the people in my band I’d say influenced me a lot, and gave me a lot of creative freedom to do the things that I wanted to do.

Creative Drinks: What do you hope to get out of the event?

Candice: I just like meeting new people and getting a chance to show my expression of who I am and my creativity so I think it would be nice just to meet people, and be in an environment where creativity is encouraged.

Creative Drinks: Do you think the creative industry in Brisbane nurtures home grown talent?

Candice: I think so, yeah. I think that there is a lot of people who complain about Brisbane, but I think that if you are looking for opportunities there are plenty to be found. I just did a trip to India not too long ago, and I kissed the ground when I got home – we really are a blessed place, and I think that the opportunities are there if you look for them.

Creative Drinks: Why do you create music and what are your motivations behind it?

Candice: I think I was just made a creative person, that’s just who I am. For me, I am most happiest when I’m creating. I feel a sense of purpose, it’s what I was made to do. Even if I’m making a card for someone, something so simple I feel a bit more whole I guess. So that’s probably why I do what I do.

Creative Drinks: Where would you like to be in five years?

Candice: I would love to have gone to America, I’d love to make a country album in Nashville. I’d also love to be able support someone bigger than myself, so maybe just tour around Australia and do my own stuff a bit more.


What? Young At Art, Hosted by Creative Drinks

When? 6pm, 8 August 2013

Where? Fringe Bar, Fortitude Valley

How much? $15 online

More info? Buy tickets online